Haryana Warriors beat North East Tigers 12-6 to reach the final

August 07, 2017 10:16 AM

Punjab News Express/Balbir Singh
NEW DELHI : With the tagline of Hit Harder, the action in the Super Boxing League continued tonight as the Haryana Warriors registered their berth in the final after winning their semi-final match against the North East Tigers 12-6, here at the Siri Fort Squash and Badminton Stadium.
The final of the Super Boxing League will take place between Maratha Yoddhas and Haryana Warriors on August 12.
Haryana Warriors dominated the match as Haryana Warriors’ skipper Neeraj Goyat, Sandeep Nain, Sukhdeep Singh and Jagdeep Singh, all won their respective bouts to help their team in winning the match 12-6. Earlier on the night, it was Nanao Singh and Asha Roka who had given North East Tigers a 6-3 lead after three bouts. However, it was not enough for Asha Roka-led Tigers to win the match as they lost the last three bouts on the night to finish off their campaign on a disappointing note.
The first bout of the night was between Sandeep Bhagri from the Haryana Warriors and Nanao Singh from the North East Tigers in the Feather Weight category. The boxer from the North East Tigers, Nanao Singh started the bout on the front foot as he threw some good combinations on his opponent in Round 1 and 2 to set the rhythm for his team. Round 2 was evenly matched between the two boxers as Nanao pushed the pace. Haryana Warriors’ Sandeep Bagri was not too behind and was looking to hit Singh on the counter. 21-year-old Bagri showed some fire in Round 3 and 4 but Khan was always getting the better of him as both boxers enthralled the fans with some mind-blowing action. Therefore, it was Nanao Singh who was awarded the victory by Unanimous Decision to give the lead to the North East Tigers.
In the second bout of the night, it was up to Haryana Warriors’ captain Neeraj Goyat to cut down the lead for his team as he faced Basant Thapa from the North East Tigers in the Welter Weight category. The 3-time WBC Welter Weight champion Neeraj Goyat started the fight brightly as he barged Thapa with some good combinations in Round 1 and 2. However, Thapa also did not back down as he hit Neeraj with some jabs. Round 3 and 4 were equally spread between the two pugilists as they both hit each other with some beautiful combinations, uppercuts and jabs. Round 4 was also electrifying for the crowd as both the boxers produced some great action where Goyat landed some more punches on Thapa to steal the victory by Unanimous Decision as he helped his side in equalising the scores at 3-3 after two bouts.
North East Tigers’ skipper Asha Roka took on Haryana Warriors’ Anita Kumari in the Super Fly Weight category. Both the boxers started Round 1 slowly as Asha stayed patient to land some clear punches, but Warriors’ Kumari was not going to disappoint her team as she kept her guard up. Tigers’ Asha Roka showed why she is one of the most dangerous female boxers in the country as she hit some powerful combinations on Kumari in Round 2 and 3. Roka was hitting Kumari with such aggressive punches that she busted the latter’s ear in Round 4 as she hit a jab. Warriors’ Kumari did show some fight as she held on but it was enough for Asha Roka to win the bout by Unanimous Decision to get a 6-3 lead for her side after three bouts.
In the fourth fight of the night, it was the North East Tigers’ A Naoba Meitei who took on Haryana Warriors’ Sandeep Nain in the Middle Weight category. The latter started the fight strongly as he hit some beautiful combinations on Meitei in Round 1 and 2. However, the North East Tigers’ man wasn’t going down without a fight as he hit back on Nain in the latter two Rounds to make it a very interesting match. Both the boxers kept the pace in the bout as they looked to get the victory by Knock Out. However, neither of them could produce a KO, as the fight ended with it being difficult to judge. In the end, it was Sandeep Nain who was awarded the victory by Unanimous Decision to equalise the scores at 6-6.
In the fifth bout, it was North East Tigers’ Jitender Nandal who faced Haryana Warriors’ Sukhdeep Singh in the Super Middle Weight category. It was an important bout for both the teams as a win for either team would put them into a great position to enter the final. It was Warriors’ Sukhdeep Singh who started the bout confidently as he aimed to dent North East Tigers’ chances in SBL. The Warriors’ man took an aggressive approach, which saw him dominate most of the fight with some amazing combinations. At the end of four Rounds, it was Sukhdeep Singh who was awarded the victory by unanimous decision to give the lead to the Haryana Warriors 9-6.
In the deciding bout of the night, it was Haryana Warriors’ Jagdeep Singh who was up against North East Tigers’ Ashish Ahlawat in the Heavy Weight category. The latter had a lot of pressure over his shoulders as he needed a victory to draw or win the match for his side. But it was Jagdeep Singh who kept up his good form in the league as he struck some jabs, hooks and combinations on Ahlawat to impress from the start. The latter did not give up and hit some amazing punches on Singh to make it an interesting bout. However, after four Rounds of boxing, Warriors’ Jagdeep Singh was awarded the victory by unanimous decision to win the match for his side 12-6 on the night.

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