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Workshop on math teaching at RBU

July 05, 2018 02:14 PM

Punjab News Express
MOHALI: Aiming to provide an intense training on teaching mathematics with its geometrical interpretation at postgraduate and undergraduate level for college and university faculty, a one-day workshop on “Geometrical Interpretation of Mathematical Concepts” was organized at Rayat Bahra University.
Thirty college and university teachers participated in the workshop held in collaboration with Dass Scientific Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Daljit Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Rayat Bahra University, said, “With the learning, there is a strong need of unlearning, relearning how to teach the new generation students in this highly technological world.The process of teaching is mutual learning for both teachers and students. We should move from the attitude of ‘I do, you do’ to an effective and inclusive approach of ‘we do’.”
He felt that teaching advanced mathematical concepts to the students remained a challenge for centuries and has become more challenging in the 21st century due to rapid advancement of technologies.

In the workshop on “Geometrical Interpretation of Mathematical Concepts” Prof Chanchal Dass, Chairman, Dass Scientific research labs. Pvt. Ltd, insisted on self learning, inner learning and practical learning. He shared various examples set by the students in his lab through their practical understanding of the subject later on working on the theoretical concepts.
During his talk, he introduced some very simple but highly effective tools to convert any mathematical concepts into a geometrical shapes. It helps in modeling, visualization and animation of mathematical concepts.

The event was basically designed to bring the mathematics teachers on a single platform and share information on teaching strategies needed for effective learning process in mathematics.

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