IMA Sangrur holds a CME on Addiction- current trends in Punjab state

June 18, 2017 02:59 PM

Punjab News Express
SANGRUR: An educational seminar on Addiction and Rehabilitation was held on 17th June 2017 in Sangrur. IMA Sangrur and Karuna Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Sangrur hosted this CME. Almost all IMA member doctors of the city contributed in this didactic session. History, clinical features, demographic variables and treatment related important aspects were briefly discussed for the overall well-being of the patients.

After welcomeby Patron Dr K G single, a lecture was delivered by Dr. Prateek Sharma (Psychiatrist, karuna Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Sangrur). SSP Sh.Mandeep Sidhu also shared his informative presentation with the doctors and emphasized on role of doctors in rehabilitation. Dr Rajender Sharma, state President of IMA shared his views on the topic and other issuesconfronted by medical profession.The presentation was followed by a panel discussion on the current trends on drug abuse in the state and problems faced by doctors in rehabilitation. Dr. Amandeep Agarwal, President-IMA Sangrur branch, Shri Mandeep Sidhu, SSP Sangrur; Dr. Rajendar Sharma, IMA Punjab state president; Dr. Mrs. Kiran Bali, Civil Surgeon Sangrur along with Dr. Prateek formed a panel for addressing the queries raised by the audiences in this regard.

IMA Sangrur heralds and keeps the integrity of doctors serving in this city, its prime objective. Along with being a local association of medical fraternity, the association is also actively endorsing various altruistic causes like health of doctors (which the organization is promoting by a cycling club) and patient awareness (which each member doctor involves in their respective practices).

Continued medical education (which is an approved way of promoting learning in the practicing doctors under Punjab Medical Council) are regularly being organized by IMA Sangrur for the general awareness and enhancement of the practising doctors in the region. Karuna Neuropsychiatry Hospital (a newly opened facility which caters to people with psychiatric illnesses and drug dependence) supports IMA Sangrur in their altruistic pursuits.

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