Haryana engineers to protest at Panchkula

March 10, 2018 04:59 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Haryana Power  Engineers Association today decided to hold  a rally on March 14 at Panchkula to protest against Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2014.
The meeting was held today at Panipat and was presided over Padamjit Singh Chief Patron All India Power Engineers Federation. K D Bansal president K K Malik General Secretary V. K Gupta Spokesperson AIPEF and other executive members attended the meeting.

Padamjit Singh said that power sectorm engineers and employees are agitated over the Government of India’s unilateral decision  to pass the proposed electricity amendment bill 2014 without prior discussion with the major stake holders. Piyush Goyal former Minister of Power had assured the power engineers that the ministry will discuss all the issues raised by them before proceeding further.

K D Bansal said that  Government of India as well State Governments should consider the recommendation of the National Seminar on Power —"Present and future Perspectives" held at Bangalore on 17th and 1 8th November, 2017 by All India power Engineers Federation (AIPEF)  to save the public owned Power Sector from total bankruptcy.

The Association has asked all it's members to join demonstration in Panchkula on 14th March 2018.

K K Malik said that the Association is opposed the Electricity (amendment) Bill 2014   as it is a further step towards reduction of the state’s role to a mere enabler of private profit. In effect, the Bill seeks to privatise the profits while nationalising the losses while Government of India continue to draw rosy picture of improvement of efficiency, extension of competition and reduction of cost of supply of electricity with private participation in the electricity Industry.

V K Gupta said that bill is curbing the right to electricity of poor people. While the intelay core, because they have no control over the cost of generation. Much of private generation takes place with the help of bank loans and private owners have been creating profits with various types of shenanigans. The ultimate losers are the government and the consumers in this game.

This Bill would further deepen the financial crisis. Besides creating problems for the power sector, the stressed assets are threatening the health of banks and financial Institutions like the Power Finance Corporation and Rural Electrification Corporation.

The proposed amendment would privatize supply to high end consumers, cause massive cherry picking and profiteering by private supply licensees while making the State power utility bankrupt. Govt. should first make power supply available to the 30 % of population in rural areas. This task can be handled as a social service by State Discoms and GOI is contemplating Right to Electricity bill.  Introduction of supply licensees would require massive capital investment in metering and IT and this burden will come on State power sector while profits would be taken by private licensees. The Intermediate Company proposed under E Bill 2014 would not be able to handle and implement the existing PPAs making the power allocation and scheduling impossible. The intermediate company would not be financially viable and it would result in payment default to the public sector generation companies.

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