Thursday, August 06, 2020


It’s bizarre to ask the DCs and SSPs to interact with DYC presidents: Bir Devinder Singh

PUNJAB NEW EXPRESS | July 29, 2020 10:20 PM

CHANDIGARH: Bir Devinder Singh former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha today said that the Chief Minister of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh is on a spree of committing brazen illegality in violation of Constitutional decorum and rules of lawful Governance.

In a statment issued here Bir Devinder Singh said that he found no merit in the CM’s direction to his Chief Principal Secretary Suresh Kumar to designate an officer of the State Government to provide regular inputs to the youth Congress on Government achievements and other critical issues such as Bargari case investigations.

"How could the Chief Minister and under what statutory authority place the services of an officer of the State Government at the disposal of the Youth congress? The Constitution of India does not allow such blatant politicization of the State administration, serving demonstrably partial political interest of a subordinate political outfit of the congress. More so, how could a Chief Minister ask the DCs and SSPs to interact regularly with the district presidents of the youth congress and under what norms? Such opinionated   directions to the DCs and SSPs would not only demoralized and undermine the authority of the State and District Administration, it would rather create complete chaos at every level of the administration. In a constitutional democracy you cannot be allowed to create endless unconstitutional centers of powers without having any responsibility and the emerging power brokers would breed unimaginable corruption in each district", he wrote.

Bir Devinder Singh said that the Chief Minister;  DCs and SSPs are not accountable to the youth Congress under the rules of business of the State Governance, why are you forcing rather coercing them to report to the District Presidents of the youth Congress ? This brazen anomaly would completely paralyze the decorum of governance at every level. People are already fed-up with top heavy CMO ; having so many inoperable Advisors, OSDs, Political Secretaries and what not! Why don’t the CM, ask them to deliver and maintain a liaison with the youth Congress rather than eating away the State resources, by sitting indolent as parasites. Your Public relation portals should disseminate such critical information to all the citizens of the State, not only to the youth congress alone? Are you serious Mr. Chief Minister? How could investigative agencies be commanded publicly, to share investigative leads and other details of the super sensitive criminal cases, selectively with the youth congress leaders?

He said that the kind of Governance is delivered in Punjab is not in consonance with the spirit of the solemn oath of the constitution that has been administered to the CM Capt. Amarinder Singh, while assuming the office of Chief Minister. The People of the State are feeling at a great loss having a ‘Static CM’ at a crucial time of pandemic; when his presence was needed, all over in the State. The CM Punjab should learn some lesson from the Delhi CM, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who handled the worst covid-19 situation in Delhi so laboriously and eventually brought it under control to some extent.

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