Friday, July 10, 2020


About 65% of new registrations made during the lockdown at OAT Centres in SBS Nagar district

Verinder Sareen | June 26, 2020 11:17 AM

NAWANSHAHR:The 7 OAT Centers and the 8th OST Center set up by the Punjab Government through the Health Department in the district have emerged as a major support for the wayward youth addicted to drugs. Free treatment for drug addiction is provided at these OAT centers.
Deputy Medical Commissioner who is also in charge OAT Centers, Dr. Raj Rani, here today revealed that 65 per cent new registrations were made in the district's OAT centers during the lockdown. She said that for the first time since the opening of these centers in the district since May 2018, such a large jump in number of registrations has been seen. She said that the patients coming to the OAT Center is first counseled according to his history. He is prepared to say goodbye to the druge and then his required tests, if necessary according to history, are performed. The treatment is started afterwards.
According to Dr Raj Rani, before the lockdown, there were 3061 patient registrations till March 22, which reached 5661 during the lockdown. This was an increase of 1726 during the month of April alone. She said that even during the peak of Corona epidemic, not only these OAT centers were maintained in the district but also special teams were sent to the containment zones to continue the treatment of these drug-addicted patients.
She said that now OAT centers were being run in the district at Nawanshahr (Civil Surgeon's Office Building), Balachaur, Banga, Mukandpur, Rahon, Saroya , Kathgarh where at each centre a four member team comprising a medical officer, a counselor, a staff nurse and a computer operator was working.

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