AIPEF opposes BBMB recruitment move for class I & II officers

May 18, 2017 02:17 PM

Punjab News Express/Vinod Gupta
CHANDIGARH : All India Power Engineers Federation has opposed the move by BBMB to recruit its own class I & II officers by proposing amendments to its recruitment rules/regulations .

BBMB has proposed to recruit its own cadre of class I & II officers and agenda is being put up for consideration in its next Board meeting scheduled to be held on May 19. The proposed agenda item no 226.02 is only for increasing the cadre strength of BBMB officers which will harm/decrease the rights of officers of partner states/power utilities’ in a very insidious manner.

AIPEF has requested all board members that these proposed amendments should be nipped in the bud and declined by board members, who must be sensitized about the hidden potential harmful effects of creating such a large number of BBMB cadre posts.

The proposed agenda cuts at the roots of the concept that BBMB is an organisation to manage the assets of partner states and therefore it must be manned by personnel from the partner States . BBMB is the caretaker or manager and not the owner. This agenda tries to convert the caretaker into the owner who can recruit and employ personnel of his choice who will be loyal to the caretaker and not the owner.

Further only if partner states refuse or express inability to send personnel on deputation, even in that case the personnel can be taken from other partner States and not by creating separate BBMB cadre. When there is awful level of unemployment in the partner states, these states must not lose the employment generation potential to a caretaker agency.

For above stated reasons the agenda item must not be approved . Let BBMB come up with an agenda to ensure that Partner States meet the staff requirements of BBMB on highest priority and time bound basis. In case any State does not meet its quota of posts let an ultimatum be issued , and even then if the staff is not posted, let the staff be taken from the other Partner States.

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