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CT Kindergarten transformed into Fantasy Land

July 20, 2017 04:18 PM

Punjab News Express/SK.Vyas
JALANDHAR: CT Public School organized an event as a welcoming gesture for the students by providing them an opportunity to dress up like they want, as their favorite character. The purpose to organize this activity was to instill confidence in them by portraying their favorite characters.

The children of Nursery, LKG and UKG showcased their talent by dressing up as various Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Aladdin, Barbie Doll and much more. It was a delight to watch the children as they spoke about their characters. Their innocence reflected in their performance.

Suman Rana (Principal, CT Public School) said, "Kids follow their favorite Super Heroes which is not at all as they taught them good things about life and show them the path to accomplish the goals by overcoming the hurdles. This is the reason, the students have been invited to attend their first day of school after summer vacations in their special super hero attires."

The function was very entertaining as the audience reminiscence their love for cartoons and carefree life.
MManbir Singh (Managing Director, CT Group) applauded the efforts of the children. He said that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. They have decided to organize this activity every month.

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