Bir Devinder Singh seeks to retain user charges in Government Rajindra Hospital Patiala

February 08, 2018 04:21 PM

Punjab News Express
PATIALA: Bir Devinder Singh former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha today demanded from Punjab Government to allow Government Medical College and Rajindra Hospital Patiala to retain user charges in the interest of welfare of hospital and patients.

In a statement issued here Bir Devinder Singh said that it sounds abysmal that the Government Medical College Patiala and Rajindra Hospital has been raising the issue of retaining the user charges, with the State Government for quite some time with no tangible result. He said, "I wonder why this most legitimate and reasonable demand of the Medical College and Rajindra Hospital authorities, to run the Hospital more efficiently, is not being conceded by the Government on priority, in the larger public interest. I’m sure that the proposal of the Medical College would immensely benefit Rajindra Hospital, which also entails the welfare of the patients".

Former speaker said that Brahm Mohindra Minister of Health and Medical Education should intervene in the matter in order to improve the working conditions of the Hospital. There seems to be no justification,  to first deposit the users charges, fee for medical tests conducted in the Medical College and part of the fee of Medical students in the Government treasury and later apply for the sanction of small amounts required for miscellaneous  tiny works. It’s preposterous to learn that the process of obtaining sanctions, even for small amounts is so cumbersome that it takes months to purchase most indispensable articles such as ECG and X-Ray rolls.

Ironically, Patiala has the unique distinction of having elected the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh and the senior most member of the council of Ministers Mr. Brahm Mohindra Minister for Health and Medical Education from the town; yet there is no expeditious decision making at the top in such important matters, which pertains to Public health care. It certainly speaks volumes of apathy and lack of genuine interest in the hospital welfare; otherwise it does not require the application of rocket science to solve such meager administrative issues. Government should accept this highly beneficial proposal forthwith as a policy  matter and made it applicable to all the Government Medical Colleges in the State.

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