SAD challenges Congress on gangster issue, demands probe against Avtar Henry, son

February 25, 2018 06:11 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: The Shiromani Akali Dal  today hit back at Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Mr. Sunil Kumar Jakhar and Cabinet Minister Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu on gangsters issue and challenged both the leaders that let any sitting High Court judge conduct an inquiry of the allegations leveled against Avtar Henry and MLA Junior Henry for their indulgence in promoting gangsters.

In a strong word statement issued here today, the Member Parliament and senior SAD leader  Mr.Balwinder Singh Bhunder said that it was strange to see that  the pot calling the kettle black on gangsters issue as the families of the gangster Vicky Gounder as well as Sukha Kahlwan have clearly stated that it was none other than Avtar Henry and Junior Henry and other Congress leaders who promoted them into illegal activities and goondaism.  He said that not only this but a known gangster of the country Raja Bhaiyya had visited Congress leader Kushaldeep Singh alias Kikki Dhillon for the reasons best known to him and the Congress party.

He said that instead of getting inquiry done into these allegations and earlier too leveled by the other gansters and their families, the Congress duo has tried to defame Akali Dal on the issue.

Mr. Bhunder said that if the government is serious to take the truth out before the public then it should immediately order inquiry into the allegations leveled by the families of gansters against Congress leaders by none other than a sitting High Court Judge. He said such an inquiry will unearth the truth behind the culture promoted by the Congressmen.

He further said that this was not the first time that Congress leaders have indulged in such illegal activities, this party has old policy to promote violence for achieving its political goals. He said that on a number of occasions such indulgence has been proved and  Congress was habitual offender to blame others for all the illegal acts done by it.

Lashing out at Jakhar and Sidhu,  Member Parliament said that they were trying to hide their failures by leveling false, misleading , mischievous  and baseless allegations against the SAD. He said that as a President of the state unit Mr. Jakhar has nothing to show whereas how is Navjot Sidhu is running his department he has himself admitted about it prior to election of Mayors including Amritsar in the state. He said that their attempts were nothing but a failed strategy to divert public attention from their own failures as well as failure of the government on all fronts.

Bhunder said that  people of the state are already fed up from this government in 11 month rule and they are eagerly waiting  for the time when they will teach this Congress party a lesson for betraying the trust of farmers, employees and common man.

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