Sunil Grover breaks the fourth wall in ‘Coffee With D’ to refrain from Smoking
Punja News Express
MUMBAI : Sunil Grover is known to be an ace actor and has proved his metal, time and again, with all the characters he has played on television. The actor who will be seen as a protagonist in the upcoming ‘Coffee With D’, has delivered yet another powerful performance and will be seen playing the character of a primetime journalist Arnab. Since the character in the movie is from the media industry, the film makers reveal that there are various moments where Sunil is seen breaking the fourth wall in this entertaining film with a very unique subject.
Chota Shakeel issue threats to makers of Coffee with D, producer gets Police Protection
Punjab News Express
MUMBAI: Upcoming Hindi film Coffee with D has unfortunately been surrounded with several controversies. But the major problem that is giving the filmmaker a nightmare is a threat call from Pakistan. As per reports by a leading news channel, Chota Shakeel has confirmed threatening the producer. The team which includes producer Vinod Ramani and director Vishal Mishra have been given Police Protection since the past two days. 
Bollywood IN 2016: Formulas flopped, content was king
By Arundhuti Banerjee 
MUMBAI: Star or no star, big screen or the computer screen -- it was film and digital content backed by good and compelling storylines that drew the audience's attention in 2016, when formulaic sequels and even some ambitious dramas failed to make it big.