Two uncles guilty of raping 10 year old Chandigarh girl get life imprisonment till death

November 03, 2017 11:10 AM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: The two maternal uncles of a 10 year old rape victim girl have been awarded life imprisonment till death i.e. till the time they live natural life by a local court. They both were convicted for raping their niece several times and making her pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl in August last after Supreme court turned down plea for her abortion.

Poonam R Joshi addtional district and session judge Chandigarh convicted the uncles under sections 376 of IPC and 5 adn 6 of POSCO Act. The judge said that it was rare of the rarest case. The judgement said," The lust and animal instict of two brothers resulted in victimisation of a small child of about 10 years". The judge said that the offence committed by the accused does not call for anfy liniency rather the gravity of crime calls for punishment that it acts as a teterrent to others who threaten the fabic of society".

Writing the order, the judge nioted that the word rape is derived from altin word 'rapio' which means violation of privacy of a woman or focible seizure. The court also quoted government date that 53 percent of children in India face some form of sexual abuse. The court also said that tendency of female to conceal ourage at sexual affression should not be overlooked.

The rape case was registered on July 14 after the girl was found pregnant by the family. The Supreme Court had turned down plea to abort the child on medical advice and the rape victim delivered the child on August 17, 2017. The police arrested the younger uncle of the girl on her testimony. His DNA didnt mathc with the girl then rape victim revealed that she was also raped by other uncle and his DNA matched with the child. On October 31 both the uncles were held guilty of crime and sentence was pronounced on November 2.

This case had hit the international headlines when the case of abortion of rape victim went upto Supreme Court and trial was also held under supervision of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, two the defence cousels of accused said that they would challenge the order in the Hgh Court since the punishment is too harsh. The defence had taken the plea that both uncles have been implicated falsly.The accused are natives of Nepal, settled in a Chandigarh vilalge.

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