Seven-day NSS camp by KB DAV concludes

December 30, 2016 06:28 PM

Punjab News Express/Y.S Rana
CHANDIGARH : 7-day NSS special camp concluded at KB DAV, Sector 7 here on Friday. On concluding day the NSS volunteers pledged to support causes of the community and guarding their thought process.
Awareness session about cyber crimes and cashless economy, advantages of being cashless can get as much as one implemented in one’s day today life. Discussion about safety and scurity measures you have to take while making online transactions and paying through cards were also discussion issues.
The Valedictory function commenced with the felicitation of the Chief Guest, State Liaison Officer Mr Bikram Rana and Guest of Honour famous Cartoonist and Artist Mr Sandeep Joshi.
Mr Bikram Rana addressed the NSS Volunteers and insisted on individual rectification and transformation. He felt that this was mandatory to bring about a change in the system. He spoke to the volunteers and urged them to monitor their habits for they were a reflection of one’s character. He reiterated that the youth of today would be at the helm of affairs tomorrow. Mr. Sandeep Joshi motivated the volunteers on Art, Creativity and to enhance their interest in Cartooning.
This was followed by speeches by NSS Volunteers who elaborated their experiences and the valuable lessons they have learnt through their journey. The NSS Volunteers presented songs and enlivened the environment by narrating the lessons they have learn’t regarding community service, adhering to values and being self-disciplined.
The four best NSS Volunteers selected for their commitment, enthusiastic participation, team work and diligence were Navkaran, Chehak Bhatia, Jancy Jain, Saniya Ahuja.
Chehak Bhatia NSS volunteer presented the report of the 7-Day NSS Camp.



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