RCED gives new hope to unemployed youth

January 09, 2017 09:35 PM

Punjab News Express/Y.S. Rana
CHANDIGARH: Sandeep Joshi, Leena Rikhi and Shelja Sood are few of a long list whose hope has replaced despair in their lives. The unemployed of yesterday have become employed today and what was a liability has been turned into an asset. And the agent that has brought about this change in the lives of thousands of unemployed youth is Regional Centre for Entrepreneur Development (RCED), Chandigarh.

Sandeep Joshi graduated from Panjab University and resides in a colony of Chandigarh with five members of his family. His father worked as a cook at a Colonel’s house and supported the family, barely managed to make both ends meet from a meager salary. The family virtually led a life of penury and starvation in a small house. And the first casualty of his hand-to-mouth existence was he could not pursue his study further.

But two years down the line, things and life have changed for him, thanks to the RCED when he came to know free of cost courses run by the Centre in an awareness camp. He was skilled in customer relationship and sales course. After completing the course, he was selected as an assistant chef with Cremica Food Industries Limited, Ludhiana, and is now drawing a salary package of Rs 3 lakh per annum.

Besides, Shelja Sood was trained in basic computers, accounts, tally and spoken English and personality development. Shelja is a full time accountant with Neha Creations and drawing Rs 10,500 per month. Leena Rikhi (12th pass) and her father passed away who was the only bread winner for the family. After completing her course, she got a job at NIIT as a receptionist-cum-counselor and drawing Rs 7,000 per month.

Another spin-off of the Centre has enabled unleash a silent revolution of employability in the region. While talking to Daily Post Paramjit Singh, principal-director, RCED, Chandigarh who had left lucrative bank job to start the Centre, said that since inception of the Centre, it has trained more than 15000 youth in its entrepreneurship development programs (EDPs) in the region.

“Around 70-80 per cent skilled youth of this centre either have got jobs or remaining started their own businesses,” he said. He added that during fiscal 2015-16, centre has recorded 81.3 per cent placement and we have already above 60 per cent of placement till date of this fiscal.

Aims at raising a skilled workforce from among the youth and aligning their talent with the needs of industry, it has joined hands with Teck Mahindra Foundation project. Mr Singh stated that most students would study for the sake of studying, unclear about their future. This threw up a workforce which had knowledge but was devoid of skills. “We need to mix academics with skills, something RCED has been designed for.” Said he.

Seeking to mix academics with such skills in various fields, the project has all the ingredients a success story needs to be scripted. Under the project, the Centre has trained 385 youth in various courses. Of these, 275 have already been placed, said Mr Singh.

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