Monday, July 13, 2020


Memorandum to Management of Elante Mall Chandigarh to Boycott Chinese Goods

Yadavindra S Rana | June 19, 2020 01:00 PM

CHANDIGARH--After recent standoff between India and China the whole
country is United and intends to take steps to counter Chinese
aggression. Realising this Advocate . Gaurav Goel, President
Progressive Lawyer's Forum launched the protest against Chines
business expansion and handed over a memorandum to the Executive
Director of Elante Mall, Mr Anil Malhotra requesting him not to
promote and encourage Chinese product in two of the outlets which
exclusively deal in Chinese products.

Gaurav Goel told him that all India traders association to who has
joined hands and took a decision that favours the national interests
that they would boycott Chinese products and would encourage others
also to do away with Chinese products. He said that it is the time to
show solidarity specially when Indian soldiers are laying down their
lives on Indo China border to protect the Indian territory. He said
that soldiers are protecting the country National interest bye bhai be
there on the borders but we the citizens can also contribute to
protect the country and work for National interests by boycotting
everything that belongs to a country that uses the profits it earns
from you to buy weapons and ultimately claims the lives of your

Sammed Chaku also appreciated the decision taken by all India traders
Association to boycott Chinese products and said that it shows that
the whole country is United against any foreign opression and the
whole country can work for the benefits of Indian interest. He further
said that the amount of business that China earns from India is 50
Billion Dollars and the profits are going to be used against India
then we better should stop enabling them earn these profits.

He further explained that boycotting Chinese products may bring
temporary earning of lesser profits but it certainly will benefit the
country in the long term and it will also open up new avenues to
manufacture things in India and the local manufacturing units will
start flourishing. And by boycotting Chinese products Indian citizens
can also send a message to China that the whole India is United
against Chinese oppression at the Indo-sina borders and this way the
Indians can pay their homage to the martyred soldiers. While handing
over this memorandum Mr Sameer Chaku, Mr Sunil Bansal and Mr Yogesh
Goyal were also present.

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