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Punjab's ACP Deepika's triumph over the advocates of gender prejudice

October 14, 2017 11:31 AM

Punjab News Express/SK.Vyas
JALANDHAR: Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ms. Deepika Singh's success story was a perfect example of how a determined girl could give a befitting reply to the advocates of gender prejudice within their family to make her parents feel proud of their daughter.

Born and brought up in a progressive family with Army background Ms. Deepika Singh was always treated at par with her brother. Her visionary and proud father had distributed sweets at the time of her birth and in order to ensure that there was no sort of discrimination between his son and daughter, he had suffixed Singh behind the name of Deepika. However, some of her family members had always disliked this notion of girls being given equal rights in the family, which her parents had always objected.

When after doing her bachelor in Physiotherapy Deepika decided to pursue a career in Civil Services, these advocates of gender prejudice swung into action to advise her father that she should be married rather than joining the coveted service largely considered as a male fiefdom. But her father outrightly rejected these parochial views and gave full freedom to his daughter to choose her career. As the luck would have been, the Assistant Commissioner of Police worked hard and cracked the Punjab Civil Services Exam in the first attempt to join as an officer in Punjab Police Service in the year 2014.

Recalls beaming Deepika Singh that it was a moment of glory for me to join the Police. She said that as her father was an Army officer, so she always had a passion for uniformed services. The Assistant Commissioner of Police said that it was a like a dream come true for her. She said that it was a proud moment for her as the relatives who had tried to dissuade her parents were now congratulating them for her success.    

 Deepika Singh, who secured overall second rank during her training in Phillaur, said that her parents were fully supportive of all her aspirations and motivated her to give her best in whatever she pursued in life. She further said that it was due to their support and guidance she has been awarded Director General (DG) of Police disc twice in her short but glorious career until now for her work in Policing. Not only this the Assistant Commissioner of Police has also steered into the field of men dominance by leading the general parade during Republic Day and Independence Day functions twice this year.

 Deepika Singh said that nothing was impossible for girls if they determine to achieve a goal. She said that the only thing required was that the girls must have worked hard to achieve that aim with full dedication. The Assistant Commissioner of Police said that the time was high when the girls must come forward to further excel in life as endless opportunities were waiting for them in this world. “I personally feel that opposition by people makes you more firm to achieve your goals and once you attain it, people who oppose you become your biggest admirers” she added.  

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