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Mansa farmers show the way by not burning paddy stubble

November 08, 2017 10:19 AM

Punjab News Express
MANSA: In a bid to get rid of the negative impact of the stubble burning, more than a dozen farmers in Mansa district are trying to pave the way to explore innovative ways to get rid of the hazards of stubble burning.

Stating this, Mansa Deputy Commissioner Mr. Dharam Pal Gupta said that the process of stubble burning is not only damaging the productivity of agricultural land but also proves detrimental for our health.  

He said that after 185 village panchayats resolution against the burning the paddy stubble now more than a dozen farmers—who are not burning paddy stubble—have become torch bearers for a large number of other farmers.  

The Deputy Commissioner stated that 14 farmers in two Tehsils—Mansa and Budhlada— have not only stopped burning the paddy stubble many years ago but now they are wholeheartedly sensitizing others to adopt the pace of nature to maintain ecology by not burning paddy stubble.

These progressive farmers aims to replicate the practice of not burning stubble at a larger level with the help of agriculture department.

One of the progressive farmers, Darbara Singh of Mula Singhwala village who stopped burning paddy stubble four years ago said, “Though the process of making farmers aware in this regard is slow but it now proved instrumental this season by reducing the burning to a great extent.”

He said that at least 30 percent of farmers have restrained themselves from burning paddy in and around his village this season.

Expressing similar views Gurdev Singh of Ralla village, Hamir Singh of Matti village, Balwinder Singh of Gharangna village, Kashmira Singh and Gurmeet Singh of of Dulowal village, Karam Singh of Khokhar Kalan, Jagtar Singh of and Buta Singh of Gurne Khurd, Ajaib Singh of Budhlada, Jaswinder Singh of Ralle, Sansar Singh of Boha, Gamdur Singh of Fulawala Dogra and Amarinder Singh of Datewas too have stated that the trend of burning paddy stubble is losing ground.

“These progressive farmers are from those villages where area under paddy cultivation is highest in the district. They are actually at the forefront of campaign against burning of paddy stubble who are showing the path of nature to many others,” said, Chief Agriculture Officer, Paramjit Singh.

He said that these (14) farmers are very well aware of the drawbacks of burning paddy stubble.

They knew that stubble burning leads to a loss of 5.5 kg of nitrogen, 2.3 kg of phosphorous, 25 kg of potash, 1.2 kg of sulphur and 50 to 70 percent of micronutrients as well. “And if a farmer doesn’t burn the stubble, he gets all these nutrients as well as the friendly insects,” Paramjit added.  

Another progressive farmer from Makha village having 25 acres of agricultural land who too has not been burning paddy stubble for past 5 years stated that this season there is a considerable reduction in the number of farmers burning paddy stubble.

“Though area under paddy cultivation is quite less in our village but even then at least nearly 30 percent of farmers in our village (Makha) have not burnt the stubble this season,” Makha said.   

The farmers said that they are using the rotavator, happy seeder, disc harrow to get rid of the burning of paddy stubble.

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