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For NRI J.C.Diwan helping the needy students is only aim of life

August 01, 2016 04:14 PM

Punjab News Express/Y.S. Rana
CHANDIGARH: Some people choose their way in life, on some it is enforced, in some cases way itself calls them, such way that they have not wanted to search. J. C Diwan has never started his journey by dreaming to be a public figure. He loves challenges and that is why he is unstoppable. After his stint of 40 years job in United Kingdom, he came back to his roots and has been putting all his energy into helping the students of economically weaker section. He did all this from his own pocket.

Speaking to Punjab News Express Diwan has stated that he found a number of students dropped out schools because they could not pay school fee. In 2007, he initiated a campaign ‘support a child’ and started looking for such students in city’s schools. In the beginning, he has adopted four students of government school and now every year he 60-70 students of economically weaker section in a year, he said. He further added that so far he had helped over 600 students in pursuing their education up to plus two.

He paid their school fee of students of Class plus one and plus two and also arranged for their study materials from his own pocket. In some cases, when he found a student without sweater or jersey in winter, he immediately arranged for these items and distributed these among the students. He still remembered a girl of weaker section of Nabha of district Patiala was in dire need of financial help to pursue her study. He adopted the girl and provided financial help to her from Class 9th up to diploma course in Mechanical Engineering.

The girl had admitted in diploma course for mechanical engineering in Thapar College, Patiala from where she had been the topper. Now she is well-settled in her life and also take care of her family, says Diwan. He received a lot of respect from the officials and the students and he considered it as greatest reward of his life. His family member whole heartedly supported his ‘mission’ which he wanted to continue till his end, he said.

Besides, he has adopted government schools Sector 44 and 46. He regretted that none of his student so far made a mark in sports for which he has been consistently working. Mr Diwan also stated that now he expanded his ‘helping hand’ and facilitated plus two pass-out students in their admission in degree or diploma courses along with financial assistance.

Diwan has been coming down from London as his whole family settled there to help such students. He said that student of weaker section who was in dire need of financial help and found it difficult to continue his/her study, he could approach him. He is familiar figure in the Chandigarh Administration corridors and even such students were recommended by senior officials. He is always there to help the students and now he has also started ‘save girl child’ campaign.

Diwan said that he shifted to Chandigarh in 1955 and Chandigarh was his permanent abode. During his stay in Chandigarh he lived alone and did all household chorus. “I have a vision and wants to do something that may benefit the under privileged,” says he. The Chandigarh Administration had been awarded thrice for his work with appreciation letters.


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