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Cooking utensils go natural, use of clay utensils is picking up

October 21, 2016 10:56 AM

Punjab News Express
HYDERABAD: Cooking utensils go going natural. Use of clay utensils is on the rise, observed an industry insider.  Natural, electricity free refrigerator made of entirely clay, Mitticool Cooker, Clay Pressure Cooker, Microwave friendly clay utensils, clay dinner plates, eco-friendly clay water filters on display at Kitchen India Expo, reflect currents trends in kitchenware in the city.

Eat in natural utensils made from clay, seem to be new order in city now. Women were seen exploring the whole new organic ways of cooking options at the Kitchen India Expo

Clay Utensils, Mitticool electricity free fridge, Clay Pressure Cookers, Clay Handi, Square Cut Sets, Clay Water Filter, hot Plates displayed in one corner of the Kitchen India Expo are bound to attract your attention. Their look, feel, appeal, even packaging is mind blowing. They compete with any other fast moving branded kitchenware. This gives feeling that these eco friendly clay utensils are have arrived.

Due to our constantly changing lifestyles, more and more people are adopting organic foods as their answer to stay healthy. The way we cook our food plays a major role in the nutrients that get retained in our food. And cooking in aluminium and chemically coated utensils, though cooks our food fast, but, in doing so kills a lot of nutrients that belonged to us. The food we eat is greatly influenced by the utensils we cook it in says Alpa Jain of Agromech

Cooking in metal utensils has a strong possibility of transferring mild quantities of metal toxins, which can, over a period of time damage our health. Hence, it’s quite crucial to choose the right utensils for cooking food – ones that are both healthy and non-toxic says a visitor to the expo, who was seen buying lot of these products. These finding made me look back to the ancient times and to explore the techniques of cooking used by our forefathers, said Mrs. Yashoda, resident of Balaramrai.

I cook directly in clay pot or bowl and serve in same after cooking, says Mrs. Yashoda. Eat, drink, serve naturally. Eat in natural utensils made from clay. Drink water from natural and eco friendly pots and stay healthy she says.

Why you should cook in earthen pot? She responds quickly because It is a slow and delicious cooking. It is bio-degradable, disposable. It neutralises the PH balance. Retains all the flavour and nutrients of the food.

It is a whole new organice way of cooking a nutritious and wholesome meal.

The expo showcases a rural fridge that doesnt need electricity and could be used by masses. It just costs Rs 5700/- It showcases the entire range, nearly 70, of earthen products for daily use in the kitchen. These products include water filters, refrigerators, hot plates, cooker, microwave friendly mitticool products, Mitticool Dinner Set, earthen cook, kitchenware, tablewear, water pots, and other such items of daily use.

This nature friendly earthen cookware comprises of Oil Free Cooking Mitticool Non Stick Tawa.

What is so impressive is the wide range and novelty of these products.

The Mitticool fridge costs Rs 5700/-. Vegetables can be preserved in this for a very long time informed Alpa Jain of Agromech. The sleek mitti water bottle costs Rs 249/-, Coocker Rs 750/-, Water Storage Container Rs 400/. We have all together 70 kitchenwear Mitti Cool items, informed Alpa Jain./ There is dish that costs Rs 1050/- she said. We have sold more than 40 Mitti Cool Fridges in the last summer season, she informed. Mitti Cooker is huge demand, she informed.

The second day of Kitchen India Expo received unprecedented response. More than 10,000 people visited the expo.Kitchen India Expo jointly hosted by Hitex and Traditions, showcases a variety of products to create a modern kitchen.. The list of exhibitor include modular kitchen, kitchen equipment, kitchen accessories, food services and food ingredients and many more. More than 60 national and international brands are participating. Various cooking related activities are lined up and are guided by celebrity chefs of the city including Chef Anand Kumar, Executive Chef Hyatt Hyderabad,,Chef Yogender Pal, Executive Chef Marriott Hyderabad, Chef Ruchika Sharma, celeb TV Cook Show host, Chef Jamal, Sous Chef, ITC Kaktiya and Chef Puneet Mehta of Masterchef India Fame. Kitchen India Expo will conclude on 16th October 2016.

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