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New 'e-skin' brings sense of touch, pain to prosthetic hands

A team of engineers, including one of an Indian-origin, has developed a novel e-dermis that will enable amputees perceive a real sense of touch through the fingertips of their prosthetics.

Twin with your dad on Father's Day

When you take your father out on a date on Father's Day on Sunday, try coordinating your attire with his clothes, taking a leaf out of your childhood.

Be a head-turner this Eid

With Eid around the corner and festive shopping on the go, how about splurging on some fashion trends to make a style statement?

Say no to pre-vacation packing stress

Packing for summer holidays along with beauty and make-up essentials could be a task in itself. While it is crucial to pack right, one can't afford to miss make-up essentials for morning to evening looks, say experts.

Skin hydration tips to beat the summer heat

The heat is here and so are the summer fun activities. So, if youre wondering how to make those dry patches on your face very smooth, just make sure of following some basic routines.

Remedies for losing weight - different ways for water or fat retention bodies

The lesser we eat, the more we reduce,” it is a misconception that majority of people have about reducing weight (OBESITY). But the truth is that the right amount of balanced diet and regular exercise can help you get best of physical mental and psychological well being. Obesity is an established social disease and a health risk for a sizeable share of the population including children and adolescents and that is most alarming. It’s not only a physiological disorder related to dietary habits but also to a great extent, relates to the psychological barriers that we face in the  stressful lifestyle that we have adopted.

Simple cheesy treats for a perfect evening

Cheese is a versatile ingredient and can be used to cook up different evening snacks like a tart or a cheese potato stick.

Tired of black, green tea? Try blue tea now

Green tea and black tea are common, but how about trying the blue tea? This variant not only gives you a good taste but provides plenty of health benefits too

Love your jewellery? Treat it with love too

Don't just dump your jewellery in a box after taking it off. Keep them properly in fabric lined compartments, clean those expensive pieces with warm water and dishwashing soap and get them re-polished once in a while, suggest experts.

More women supporting live-in relationships: Survey

For long the concept and topic of live-in relationships has been taboo in India but the times are changing with a number of women coming out in its support, according to a survey.

Bridal lehenga colours in vogue in 2018

There's nothing more glamorous than brides who love to experiment. So, this bridal season, give your wedding colour palette a makeover with fresh options.

The Empress Story, Fashion& Lifestyle Exhibition starts, unique session on women empowerment also held

CHANDIGARH:  Defining fashion in a totally different and unique style, A Million Dollar Affair(AMDA), an organisation which specialises in putting up bespoke lifestyle showcases, has come up with a new exhibition-'The Empress Story', with special focus on women empowerment. The Exhibition that started in Hotel Hyatt Regency will be on till Sunday, May 13.

Cool recipes to beat the heat

Ditch your everyday lime soda and drinks with sugar-loaded syrups. Try out innovative summer coolers with fruits like phalsa, watermelon and basil, suggest expert chefs.

Want to lose post-pregnancy weight? Here's how

NEW DELHI: Having trouble losing post-pregnancy weight and want back your beautiful curves? Go for a balanced diet and while exercising, include workouts like Kegel and do a lot of aerobics, suggest experts.

Get perfect dose of blissful sleep in smart ways

With summer comes the struggle of getting some blissful sleep amidst growing power cuts and soaring temperatures. Try out some smart ways like opting for lightweight cotton sheets or revamping your curtain, suggest experts.

Are you washing hair right way?

From preparing your hair to applying conditioner after the wash, it is important to take note of how to do it right to get healthy hair, say experts.

Stronger people have sharper brains: Study

 If you thought hitting the gym only builds your physical strength, think again. A study of nearly half a million people has revealed that stronger people perform better in brain functioning tests.

Punjab's flavours resonate at 'Pind da swad' food fest

Biting into a "tandoori meat da chap" at the "Pind da swad" food festival at the Leela Ambience here was akin to being transported to the land of the five rivers; such were the flavours that came through.

Fruit Facial to boost your skin with natural goodness

Our skin faces lots of harassment on daily basis. The chemicals in the air, pollution, dust and sun ray affects our skin more and Fruits are part of nature’s spa. The goodness they contain is beneficial for us, inside and outside. We’ve all heard of the proverb, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In reality, it’s more like, “a fruit a day keeps the doctor away”. HYPERLINK ""Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and all the required nutrients that are essential not only for the well-being of your body but also for beautiful, clear and glowing skin. 

Summer hacks for your feet

The season of sunshine has arrived so step out safe and in style this season with healthy feet by opting for the right footwear.


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