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Colour your hair naturally

Punjab News Express/Dr. Naresh Arora
CHANDIGARH : When it comes to Coloring hair, most women go routinely to salon every six or eight weeks, some even more frequently. Coloring of hair is usually done to hide the advancing grey shades of hair or even to get a little lift of color in the form of highlights or lowlights. New India is experiencing new trends and the new generation (having independent thinking) wants to experiment with their Hair, though at the cost of their health. New Trends in COLOUR HIGHLITING, STREAKING, REBONDING WITH COLOR, KERATIN TREATMENT AND SILK TREATMENTS ARE A FEW HAIR EXPERIMENTS FOR WHICH YOUNG GENERATION IN FLOCKING THE PARLOURS/SALONS. 

Three Attributes of Nature

Punjab News Express/Prof. S.C.Puri
CHANDIGARH : According to the modern science, the universe is made up of matter and energy along with trigunas. Energy mainly includes kinetic energy by virtue of motion and potential energy by virtue of rest of matter.Matter is due to sub-atomic particles like electrons,protons,neutrons,mes ons and quarks.The cosmic constituents of matter are ether,air,fire,water and earth.

Enjoy a Safe Holi with Aromatherapy

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Holi, commonly known as the festival of colours is recognized with splashing colours, throwing of water balloons and getting drenched in coloured water or drenching someone with the same. Indicating the beginning of spring, the playful occasion of holi begins. But amidst the fun and happiness of this joyous occasion, it is better to take some small steps of precautions so as to keep yourself safe from the harsh colours which invites various skin and hair problems.

Honeymooning In The Land Of Romance!

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : Over the years, Italy has built a strong reputation as the land of romance and became the desired destination of numerous honeymooners across the globe. Rich in history with stunning architecture and scores of intimate activities to bond with, these must-see spots should definitely be on your honeymoon bucket list.

Wynn Resorts Excels in Forbes Travel Guide 2017 Annual Star Rating

Punjab News Express
LAS VEGAS : Forbes Travel Guide unveiled its official 2017 Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating list, awarding 13 distinguished Five-Star awards to the hotel, spas and restaurants at Wynn Macau, as well as the Tower Suites, spas and Wing Lei restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas. Collectively, Wynn Resorts has more Five-Star awards than any other independent hotel company in the world. Wynn Macau continues to be the only resort in the world with eight Five-Star awards.

Home Remedies for Chemically Treated Hair

Punjab News Express/Dr. Naresh Arora
CHANDIGARH : When it comes to hair, the attitude of the people varies differently from one person to another depending on the viewer’s cultural and historical perspective. Sometimes it’s the texture and style, or the colour of the hair that matters, and sometimes it is used for indicating the personal beliefs or social position of the person. But, whatever be the hair type or colour every single human being needs to take a good care of their hair in all the seasons as hair sometimes is taken as “prized possession”.

Top skin ingredients for beautiful skin

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : With a new season comes extra care of skin and when scouting for the perfect damage repair products, you may have come across terms that left you baffled. While on the look-out for creams and serums to help your skin detox, the presence of a few ingredients can do wonders for your beauty regime.

Ishika Taneja crowned as Miss Tourism India 2016-17

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGHARH : The Guinness World Record holder Ishika Taneja adds another star to her glittering crown by winning the title MISS INDIA TOURISM 2016-17. She is no stranger to the world of beauty and glamour, being one of the most in-demand celebrity make over expert in the country. Ishika will fly to spain for Miss Tourism World this February to represent the country.

Girls, experiment with bridal looks this wedding season

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI  : The minimalist look, the royal look and traditional look are in vogue for the bride this wedding season, says an expert.

Bali - For Adventurous Days and Lively Nights

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : A traveller’s paradise with something in store for everyone, Bali is an excellent destination for you, whether you prefer the thrilling outdoors or the exciting nightlife. With loads of opportunities for a super-fun time, check out the things you can do in Bali that will take you away from the regular honeymoon haunts.

Gold: Your go to colour this wedding season

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Gold clutches, shoes and lehengas are a must have for the wedding season, says an expert.

Fast food picks for people with diabetes

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : It is important for people suffering from diabetes to be selective while picking up fast food items to munch on, says an expert.

Follow some morning rituals for healthy day

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Beginning your day on the right note is extremely important and hence it is necessary to follow some basic rituals like looking sharp and sweating it out for that confidence.

Girls with poor motor skills more prone to obesity

Punjab News Express
LONDON : Young girls who exhibit a poor mastery of fundamental movement skills (FMS) such as running, catching and balance are more likely to be obese than boys who have similarly low skills, according to a research.

Sex in virtual reality? Not a bad idea, say women

Punjab News Express
LONDON: When it comes to sex, women are not prudes, suggests a survey that found more than one in 10 women in Britain saying that they would like to have sex in virtual reality.

Good sex keeps relationship strong, prove beneficial for health

A satisfying sex life is the one of the important factors to keep any relationship strong. A good sex life involving satisfying encounters and a high frequency of those is essential to a healthy lifestyle with both the mind and body reaping benefits. While this act is mostly associated with steamy nights, it seems there’s more to it than just that.

Bali : A family Vacation with a difference

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : Extremely popular as a honeymoon destination, Bali may not be your first choice for a family vacation, but it’s a wonderfully welcoming place to travel with children, especially if you and your kids love to experience new cultures and possess an adventurous spirit.

Men more likely to quit job due to bullying at workplace

Punjab News Express
LONDON : Bullying affects men and women differently. Whereas it often causes women to go on prolonged sick leave or use antidepressants, men often choose to leave the labour market altogether for a period of time, a new research has found.

Contraceptives do not kill sexual desire: Research

Punjab News Express/IANS
NEW YORK: A new research by American scientists busts the myth that contraceptives curb desire, noting that it depends on other factors like age and length of a relationship.

Visa On Arrival: 5 Top Destinations For Last-Minute Plans

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : One essential step when travelling abroad is securing a visa, though the process can be quite long and strenuous. But on the bright side, there are many countries which provide visa on arrival to Indians. These countries also happen to be the most beautiful and exciting places on earth.