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Spiti Valley – An adventure on wheels

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH : When you end up with some time for yourself, an escapist spirit awakens among many of us. Such is the chaos of our cities that we cherish even minor respites from it. One such respite is the Spiti Valley in the Himachal where the journey is just as blissful as the destination.
Once you hop onto your bike, you can choose between two routes to reach the scenic town of Spiti.

Instagram 'worst for young mental health'

Punjab News Express
LONDON : Instagram is rated as the worst social media platform when it comes to its impact on young people's mental health, a poll conducted in the UK says.

Childhood obesity may up risk of depression later

Punjab News Express
LONDON : Is your kid overweight? Beware, being obese, especially from a young age may substantially increase a lifetime risk of major depression, researchers have found.

Importance of skin care for Men

Punjab News Express/Dr. Naresh Arora
CHANDIGARH : Whenever we came across any ad or any beauty products, females are mostly being targeted. Like they only have the rights to look good, why men are being ignored? Men always think skincare routine is just for women and girls, while others feel that it is an added responsibility. Time is changing nowadays, it’s an era where everybody should look good and feel better. Men’s skincare routine is comparatively easier and less complex than those of women. 

Facebook likes may not cheer you up

Punjab News Express
LONDON : Getting those thumbs up or heart icons -- 'likes' -- on your social media posts may not help you feel better or improve mood if you are feeling low, researchers say.

Facial and hair care in this summer – beware of heat waves

Punjab News Express/Dr. Naresh Arora
NEW DELHI : Come summer and we apprehend more trouble for our skin, face and body. Everyday our body reacts to heat and the change in barometric pressures. With the mercury rising, the scorching heat and dry atmosphere is bound to have its adverse effect on our body. I’m sure you have noticed it in yourself and others. Our bodies don’t always cope well with high mercury especially if we are not conscious of our need to hydrate continuously during the day. A combination of humidity and heat can stop the ever so important evaporation from our bodies which is the body’s mechanism for keeping it cool. Without the ability to evaporate through skin, internal body temperature rises and brings about traumatic changes in our body such as-

Fashion guide for summer

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Go for floral patterns, stripes and add ruffles to your wardrobe to stay fashionable this season, say experts.

Most Indian parents concerned about kids talking to strangers

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Almost half (49 per cent) of Indian parents are concerned about their children interacting with a social predator or a cybercriminal online, a new study revealed on Wednesday.

How to make your bedroom summer-friendly

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Go for subtle hues like mint and lime, declutter and ditch the heavy carpets from your bedroom for a cool summer, say experts.

Beat the heat with bouncy hair, healthy skin

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Summer is the season to let go of elaborate affairs and embrace the easy and natural look. From using UV protectant on hair to using facial blotting paper to soak up the excess oil from skin while stepping out, experts suggests some cool tips to beat the heat and achieve bouncy tresses and flawless skin.

Bhutan: For A Magical Vacation!

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : As temperature levels continue to climb, a much-needed break becomes all the more necessary, especially when the destination is Bhutan.

What stops girls from pursuing science? Low confidence level

Punjab News Express
NEW YORK : More girls think they are bad at maths than boys, even when they are not. And it turns out that it is this low level of confidence that stops many women from pursuing higher education in science and engineering, according to a new study.

Canada province bans high heels in workplaces

Punjab News Express
OTTAWA : The Canadian province of British Columbia has banned high heels in all workplaces, the media reported.

US launches military strike against Syria

Punjab News Express
WASHINGTON : The US has launched a military strike on a Syrian government target in retaliation for their chemical weapons attack on civilians earlier in the week, President Donald Trump told the media.

60 to 70% Americans are living on Anti-Depression Drugs and India is heading towards it: Expert

Punjab News Express
HYDERABAD: Don't control emotions. Let them flow said Mahesh Hiranandani, MD of Anatta Humanversity who runs addiction treatment centers in Pune

Video games may help combat depression

Punjab News Express
 Feeling depressed? Beat the blues by playing video games, touted as viable and effective treatment for depression, researchers said. They help in brain training.

Colour your hair naturally

Punjab News Express/Dr. Naresh Arora
CHANDIGARH : When it comes to Coloring hair, most women go routinely to salon every six or eight weeks, some even more frequently. Coloring of hair is usually done to hide the advancing grey shades of hair or even to get a little lift of color in the form of highlights or lowlights. New India is experiencing new trends and the new generation (having independent thinking) wants to experiment with their Hair, though at the cost of their health. New Trends in COLOUR HIGHLITING, STREAKING, REBONDING WITH COLOR, KERATIN TREATMENT AND SILK TREATMENTS ARE A FEW HAIR EXPERIMENTS FOR WHICH YOUNG GENERATION IN FLOCKING THE PARLOURS/SALONS. 

Three Attributes of Nature

Punjab News Express/Prof. S.C.Puri
CHANDIGARH : According to the modern science, the universe is made up of matter and energy along with trigunas. Energy mainly includes kinetic energy by virtue of motion and potential energy by virtue of rest of matter.Matter is due to sub-atomic particles like electrons,protons,neutrons,mes ons and quarks.The cosmic constituents of matter are ether,air,fire,water and earth.

Enjoy a Safe Holi with Aromatherapy

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Holi, commonly known as the festival of colours is recognized with splashing colours, throwing of water balloons and getting drenched in coloured water or drenching someone with the same. Indicating the beginning of spring, the playful occasion of holi begins. But amidst the fun and happiness of this joyous occasion, it is better to take some small steps of precautions so as to keep yourself safe from the harsh colours which invites various skin and hair problems.

Honeymooning In The Land Of Romance!

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : Over the years, Italy has built a strong reputation as the land of romance and became the desired destination of numerous honeymooners across the globe. Rich in history with stunning architecture and scores of intimate activities to bond with, these must-see spots should definitely be on your honeymoon bucket list.