Punjabis and Celebrities seen dancing at Charan Singh Sapra's 'Lohri Di Raat' event

January 14, 2017 03:40 PM

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI: Punjabis in Mumbai were seen celebrating the festival ‘Lohri Di Raat’ with bonfire and great enthusiasm. The ‘Lohri Di Raat’ festival was graced by many celebs from Bollywood like David Dhavan, Manoj Bajpayee, Meet Brothers, Dalip Tahil, Meeta Vasishth.

This auspicious festival event was hosted by Shri Charan Singh Sapra, President of NGO; Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board. Actor Manoj Bajpayee was the first to arrive and lit the bonfire alongwith Shri. Charan Singh Sapra. He was seen enjoying the fabulous traditional songs which were sung by famous Punjabi Singer Gagan Kokri.

Shri. Sapra spoke about the importance of Lohri fest and how every Punjabi feels connected with it in Mumbai too. Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board celebrates Lohri every year to promote the Rich Heritage & Culture of Punjab amongst the younger generation here. Actress Meeta Vasishth was looking gorgeous in traditional attire and was seen dancing on the tunes of Punjabi music. She mentioned how she still remembers the Lohri fest memories of her childhood.

Mumbai Congress President Shri Sanjay Nirupam was present at the event and wished everyone a very Happy Lohri. He said “I want to thank Charan Singh Sapraji for inviting me to this wonderful cultural Lohri event of the Punjabis and making me a part of it. Punjabis are really hard working people and have always been an important section of our society.”

Director Dawaid Dhawan said, “Lohri signals the end of winter and the advent of spring so the celebration reflects warmth”. People were seen gathering round the bonfire throwing sweets, puffed rice and popcorn into the flames, singing popular songs and exchanging greetings with each other.
Music Directors Meet Brothers were seen enjoying and dancing to the Punjabi music. They mentioned that they love this festival and are very happy that Mr. Charan Singh Sapra has invited them to join in the Lohri festival celebrations.

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