NSS volunteers at the services of patients at PGI

February 21, 2018 03:39 PM

Punjab News Express/Y.S. RANA
CHANDIGARH: If the vision of Chandigarh Administration turns into realty not only 2018 shall be another year with vibrant NSS activities but also will represent the social face of the Chandigarh Administration. It reflects its endeavour how it has been feeling the pulse of patients and their attendants who come to PGI far from areas for treatment and face numerous hurdles. The initiative is all set to launch on March 8 next.

Chandigarh NSS Cell and Red Cross Society are joining hands to add a feather by providing assistance and guidance to thousands of patients and their attendants visiting it every day. NSS volunteers will be deputed at PGI on regular basis to help those in need. They will guide and take patients to proper departments and assisting them in completing the formalities.

Brain behind this noble cause is Ajit Balaji Joshi, Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh, who has visualized this idea. Modalities have been worked out and work has been assigned to Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer, NSS Cell, Chandigarh.
While talking to Mr Rana said that such an initiative has been taken and since it needed permanent deployment of volunteers to assist the patients on regular basis, the Administration has sought the support of NSS volunteers to sustain this activity.
He further revealed that institutions those have NSS Cell were asked to send names of volunteers. His office has received names of 120 volunteers of different institutions. They would be imparted training in association with the Chandigarh Red Cross Society. The society will prepare a roaster of volunteers. Schedule of work has been chalked out. The volunteers will be deputed in a group of five in three shifts—7 a.m. to 12 noon; 12noon to 5p.m and 5p.m to 10 p.m. says MR Rana
At first, they will assist the patients in need of emergency treatment and OPD. Later on, the service would be extended to other departments.
PGI will provide a suitable space to run a ‘help desk.’ Trained volunteers will be issued identity cards. “Initiative is being launched on an experimental basis. If it succeeds it will be extended to other government hospitals in the city,” said Mr Rana.
Mr Rana hopes that it will bring greater relevance into NSS activities and patients guidance. “Such initiatives will definitely benefit NSS volunteers as they can use the opportunity to expand their horizon about community-related activities and they can interact with patients to know their problems and ordeal they face,” said he. EOM

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