Joint Pain and natural remedy through Aroma Oils

March 28, 2018 12:11 PM

By Dr.Naresh Arora
Having joint pains/ arthritic pain, do not take it as a sign of age (old age syndrome) . Even, the youth and middle age people have lately reported increasing tendencies of having Joint Pains. Movement of Muscles and Bones does not mean increasing wear and tear of Joints but it might be deficient supply of vital nutrients and laxity of nervous tissues too.  Deficient absorption of Vital Calcium and Magnesium depends on Vitamin D in our body. If Vitamin D is deficient in our body, even the medicines we take might not get absorbed into the blood circulation and shall not provide cure in time.
A human skeleton is the main inner structure of a human body. The skeleton is supported by 206 bones; with those bones a human body moves. Some bones in our body have joints; Joints help us to move our body freely. Joints are the most important body part which connects the bones. There are 5 main joint connections in our body; 1) Shoulders, 2) Elbows, 3) Wrists, 4) Hips, 5) Knees. Joints connect one bone to another; and help us to support our whole body. So, even a small harm to a joint is really harmful to our body. It can cause a lot of pain if any joint meets an injury.
Joint pain can be happened for many reasons. In recent days this is one of the most talked about diseases in the country. People get affected of the joint pain just after crossing 35-40 years. The severity of joint pain utterly depends on the injury caused by the affected ligaments or atriums neighboring the joint; it can harm the Ligaments, Cartilage, bones surrounding the joint.
Every year in the winter season people get affected by joint pain mostly.  The basic tool for the treatment of joint pains is to change the life style:
1.    Early morning sun bath is essential to make up the vitamin d in the body
2.    Liquid diet with lots of unprocessed salad/fruits s.
3.    Aloe vera juice taken in the morning shall increase the lubrication of the joints and shall increase flexibility of tendons by improving glucosamine levels
4.    Always go for hot and cold fomentation treatment by pouring hot and cold water in the joints or by providing hot and cold compress wraps alternatively every 2-5 minutes ( atleast three times ). this treatment may be taken twice a day
5.    You may dip your feet in lukewarm water containing 1 tae spoon of epsom salt and 2-3 drops of any aroma essential oil like basil, eucalyptus, lavender, ginger, lemon grass, juniper berry, rosemary, etc.
If we follow remedies from Aroma Therapy, we will surely get results by that. Aroma Therapy is the most effective therapy for such joint pains. Now, we will know, what is the role of the essential oil in Aroma Therapy and why this is so effective on joint pain.
Aroma Oil is most effective thing for relief; it can be used as hot and cold condition both. These oils have peppermint, camphor etc, which react in the nerves of the skin and brain index the sensation at the same time. One of most important role of these oils are they get warmth faster and stay on the skin prolonged.
Aroma oils are mostly high-aromatic found in the petals, stems, roots, and other parts of plants, it seems that essential oils can work miracle, it enhances blood circulation of that affected area and decreases the swelling areas.  The aroma oils which can be used for joint pain are following:
1.    Peppermint Oil, mix 5-8 drops of peppermint oil with 2 Tbsp warmed coconut oil to make a ready-to-use solution, you can use other oils too instead of coconut oil.

2.    Eucalyptus Oil, mix this oil with carrier oil and rub the solution to the affected area.

3.    Ginger Oil, make a mixture of this and carrier oil and apply it to the affected area. You can mix this oil with Lavender and Lemongrass oils too.

4.    Lavender Oil, use lavender oil directly to the affected area, its high aromatic feeling helps to reduce the pain. Always rub this oil in circular motion.

5.    Cayenne Pepper Oil, use this oil a few drops mixed with coconut oil and use 2-3 times a day for few weeks.

6.    Lemongrass Oil, this oil can be used in different way to get more relief. All you will have to do is boil water, put some lemongrass oil drops into the boiled water and apply the steam to the affected area.

7.    Myrrh Oil, mix this oil with olive oil and apply the mixture to the inflammable area.

8.    Rosemary Oil, apply this oil to the affected area, this oil enrich with Rosmarinic acid which reduces the pain mainly.

9.    Juniper Oil, apply this oil few drops in a lotion or cream that you use every day.

10.    Clove Essential Oil, make a mixture of this oil and jojoba oil and massage the mixture in the affected area.
Aroma Oils are way too effective for joint pain. Aroma oils contains such as herbal/natural components that helps to reduce the pain. Study says the traditional treatment of joint pains stays temporary; you will get relief by that common medicine for few days only, after the medicine effects you will face the pain again. But in case of Aroma oils you will get relief forever, if you use Aroma Oil in a right process.

The author is Founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics

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