India is the Surrogacy Capital of the world: Madhavi Divan

February 04, 2018 12:51 PM

Punjab News Express
HYDERABAD: The three day National Women's Summit with theme "Women's Development to Women led Development" concluded here in the city today evening at Shilpakal Vedika.

Addressing the gathering on the day three today, Madhavi Divan, Senior Supreme Court Advocate and the woman behind Central Govt's stand in Supreme Court on Triple Talak said in reply to a question on Surrogacy, we are a Surrogacy Capital of the World.  We need to regulate. Women's body is constantly bears the brunt of carrying the child will have lot of repercussions.  Can a womb be hired? For a childless mother or for relationship is okay. But, it has becoming a big industry.  Right to Reproduction Autonomy is also a Right, she said.  Instead of surrogacy, there are so many abandoned children in our country. We must encourage adoption of the same, she informed.  

Law allows surrogacy, she said. But there is a bill in the pipeline, which mad address the gray areas, she said.

Marital Rape is outlawed in many countries.  It should be treated like any other rape and must be punished accordingly she said.  We must run campaign to create awareness about it, she said.

Madhavi Goradia Divan is the author of a leading book on media law titled “Facets of Media Law”, said Marital Rape is an important subject to be debated she said.

Apart from her law book, Madhavi Divan regularly writes for leading law journals and newspapers on free speech and media cases. She has been a guest lecturer at several law colleges across India on free speech related subjects and recently conducted a session for district judges from across India on ‘Trial by Media’ at the National Judicial Academy at Bhopal.

Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant spoke on Saturday on Harnessing, Social, Political and Economic Leadership opportunities for women.

Vaishyali Malhotra, Joint Director, IRS Zonal Revenue Office spoke on GST and Taxation: What do they mean for Women in India.

Minakshi Lekhi, MP and Supreme Court lawyer spoke on Skype.

She team gave demonstration of Self Defence to the 1000 plus women delegates.  Odyssay Dance performance also held.  

Giving closing remakrs, Monica Reddy, Director of Natioonal Women's Summit said in these three days 30 speakers, ten each a day addressed the gathering.  

The Summit was by far the biggest ever held one in the recent past in the city in terms of the profile of the guests, speakers, and number of attendees.

Organised by Pragna Bharat, a famous NGO known for prominent think-tank of India and a pioneering intellectual movement, several eminent speakers of great reputation and achievement spoke during the three day meet.

The Summit brought together professionals of diverse backgrounds and experiences with a common desire to bring in a change in the societal mindset by creating an interactive forum for dialogue and insight on trends and topics that directly influence and affect women.

The six main subjects of the Summit included Industrialization and Women; Women-Led Development; Women and Employment Opportunities; Women in Leadership; Their Rights and What Women Deserve.  These were the main focus areas.

Parallel to the Summit, a Trade Fair was held.  On the eve of the summit, a Short Film Competition, Poster Competition also held.

The Summit had panel discussions, concurrent sessions, expert talks and cultural events.

India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce, says World Bank report. It said the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce. This slow yet progressive involvement of women in the economic growth of the nation by their rising numbers in the workforce is now propelling a paradigm shift in the society in general and with the Government in particular. Progressive and sustainable economic empowerment of women is now demanding higher legal, social, political  and economic thought to truly empower women to be an equal and important participant of their growth as well as the growth of the society. The insights and analysis  presented in this conference will provide a critical cornerstone for deliberations and will further the process to refine the building blocks for an implementation framework to anchor the women’s development agenda for India.

 All the views and subjects deliberated will be collated and a white paper will be presented to the Government as a recommendation for their consideration and subsequent implementation, informed Monica Reddy.

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