Telangana extends school holidays due to heat wave

HYDERABAD: With no letup in heat wave conditions in Telangana, the state government on Friday decided to extend summer holidays for schools till June 11.

Gene linked to obesity in children identified

NEW YORK: Researchers have identified a common gene variant that increases the risk of obesity in children.

Over 60% e-cigarette smokers want to quit: Study

NEW YORK:  Over 60 per cent e-cigarette users want to quit smoking and over 25 per cent smokers have already tried to stop using the electronic device, says a new study.

21K US women ordered abortion pills online in 6 months

LONDON:  As many as 21,000 US women ordered abortion pills online in the past six months (between October 2018 and March 2019), according to figures revealed by Aid Access, a charity.

World Hypertension Day: Keep check on high BP; Experts

MOHALI: In support of this year World Hypertension Day’s theme ‘Know Your Numbers, with a goal of increasing awareness about high blood pressure’, a free high BP screening camp was held at Ivy Hospital, Mohali today. In camp the people were made aware about negative impact of being hypertensive by hospital’s doctors.

Current thinking may distort memories of love

If you do not think of a person as highly now as you used to, the memories associated with that person can also change, says a study.

New book aims to decode the 'magic weight-loss pill'

It's easy to wait for a magic weight-loss pill as many online advertisements tend to promise customers than to alter your lifestyle to incorporate effort, dedication and self-discipline for shedding those extra kilos. An upcoming book by two lifestyle coaches claims to decode the magic weight-loss pill.

‘Punjab Kidney Foundation’ meet held

MOHALI:  ‘Punjab Kidney Foundation’ a kidney support group and a dedicated kidney helpline organized its first workshop cum support group meeting on awareness of ABO incompatible transplants at Ivy Hospital, Mohali on Saturday.

Stress in early life may lead to depression

People who take stress in early life are at risk of developing negative thinking which could lead to major depressive disorder (MDD), says a study.

Green signal to man for neuro muscular treatment

As an interim measure, the Delhi High Court has allowed a man suffering from a neuro muscular disease to continue with his ongoing Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy treatment.

e-cigarettes effective way to quit smoking: Indian study

A first-ever Indian study has found that Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS), also known as e-cigarettes, pose much less a health risk than combustible cigarettes and could be an ideal tool to reduce or give up smoking.

Being too harsh on yourself could lead to OCD

People who report intense feelings of responsibility are prone to develop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), warn researchers.

Smartphone game can help detect Alzheimer's risk

A specially designed smartphone game can detect people at the risk of developing Alzheimer's, say researchers.

Earthquake in Arunachal, no casualties reported

ITANAGAR: An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale hit the northeastern states in the early hours of Wednesday, an official said.

Office workers who sit a lot need to exercise

 Office workers who sit for long periods of time can reverse the health risks of their modern sedentary lifestyle by exercising just 20 minutes per day, a new study revealed on Tuesday.

Indian women at high death risk from diabetes: Study

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Asia - led by India and China -- and has dramatically increased the risk of premature death especially among women and middle-aged people, a significant study has found.

Safe workout, fitness tips for pregnant women

Safe workout, fitness tips for pregnant women

Men act less interested in sex than they really are

LONDON: Men sometimes act way less interested in sex than they really are, perhaps because of the assumption that giving an impression of wanting to have sex with anyone, anytime, is definitely not what most women are looking for, suggests new research.

S. Korea overturns abortion ban after 66 yrs

South Korea's Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday as "unconstitutional" a 66-year-old law that made abortion a crime punishable by up to two years in prison, calling for its amendment in a landmark decision that signals a major change in various aspects of society.

How chronic stress promotes breast cancer development

 Chinese researchers have revealed the mechanism of how chronic stress promotes breast cancer development, shedding light on future clinical treatment for cancer.


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