Lung for Long: Gasp No More

Punjab News Express
AMRITSAR : Our choice of living has made us vulnerable to many lifestyle diseases. Smoking, no physical activity, food preferences and environmental factors like dust storm and pollution are making our lungs weak. So weak that we have to gasp harder and harder to pump air into our body. For most, it can be the triggering cause of asthma and the first step to identify your lung health is to ‘know your lung number’.Lung function means how well your lungs work. When you have asthma, your lungs can’t move as much air in and out as they should. And the more serious your asthma is, the less air your lungs are able to move.

Eating 'diet' foods can make you fat: Study

Punjab News Express
NEW YORK : The so-called "diet" products containing low or no fat may have higher amount of sugar and consuming them regularly could make you fat, new research warns.

50 students hospitalised in Himachal

Punjab News Express
SHIMLA : Over 50 students of the Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) near here have been hospitalised following suspected food poisoning, a senior doctor said on Friday.

Importance of sports in personality development at school level

Punjab News Express/Sumit Tomar
NEW DELHI : Nowadays, the education system makes the students more stressful in their school which effects their mental development due to which they stay away from the physical activities completely. The overall outcome of this type of schooling is that the upcoming groups of graduates and professionals are having weak bodies and poor physique. 

UN to issue 10 stamps of 'asanas' on International Yoga Day

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UNITED NATIONS : The UN Postal Administration (UNPA) is issuing a set of stamps showing 10 yoga asanas (poses) to commemorate the International Day of Yoga on June 21 in New York.

Hot flashes could predict risk of heart disease

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NEW YORK: Hot flashes in women at the pre-menopausal stages may signal emerging vascular dysfunction that can lead to heart disease, a study has shown.

Childhood cancers record 13% rise worldwide: Study

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PARIS : Incidents of childhood cancer have increased across the globe by 13 per cent over 20 years, reaching an annual rate of 140 per million children aged 0-14 years worldwide, says a study by the World Health Organisation's cancer research arm.

Women's health an issue close to my heart: Raveena Tandon

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : Actress Raveena Tandon, also a social activist, has lent support to a She's Ambassador campaign, aimed at empowering young girls to make decisions favourable to healthy lifestyles and social development. She says it's an issue she cares about whole-heartedly.

79 Chikungunya, 24 dengue cases in Delhi in 2017

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : At least 79 cases of chikungunya and 24 cases of dengue have been reported in Delhi just three months since January 1, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has said.

Yoga led to better sexual health—University of Pennsylvania study finds

Punjab News Express
NEVADA(USA) : Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Pennsylvania study finds “twice-weekly yoga led to better physical, sexual, emotional, and social health”, according to a Penn Medicine news-release.

1,63,155 children would be covered under Puls polio campaign : Deputy Commissioner

Punjab News Express/ SK.Vyas
HOSHIARPUR : Deputy Commissioner of Hoshiarpur Vipul Ujwal has said that under the National Puls Polio Campaign in the district nearly 1,63,155 childrens would be covered from April 2 to 4 . It will include 1,27,095 children from rural areas whereas 36,060 children would be covered from urban areas.

Brahm Mohindra orders probe into irregularities in Punjab health department

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Mr. Brahm Mohindra, Health and family welfare Minister Punjab today marked a time bound inquiry into the irregularities in the working of De-addiction centers and the rehabilitation centers in Punjab which has recently figured in the CAG report.

Higher dose of Vitamin C may cut duration of cold

Punjab News Express
LONDON : Suffering from common cold? Take larger doses of Vitamin C, which may significantly help in reducing the duration of the viral infection, a study shows.

Rs 30 cr neuro spine care hospital launched in Bengaluru

Punjab News Express
BENGALURU: Bengaluru Regenerative Advanced Institute of Neurosciences (Brains), a neuro spine care hospital, with an investment of Rs 30 crore, was launched in Bengaluru on Thursday.

11178 Punjab health workers underwent preventive health check up: Brahm Mohindra

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Special health checkup’s for 11178 ANMs/ASHAs across the state has been conducted under the Free Annual Preventive Health Check-up (FAPHC) programme in all the Community Health Centres (CHC’s). This was stated here today by Sh Brahm Mohindra, Health & Family Welfare and Medical Education & Research Minister, Punjab.

40,000 Delhi doctors on mass casual leave to protest rising assaults

Punjab News Express
NEW DELHI : Over 40,000 resident doctors in the national capital went on a mass Casual Leave on Thursday in support of their counterparts in Maharashtra who are on similar protest following rising assaults.

Zero tolerance on corruption in Punjab health department: Brahm Mohindra

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: The health department will not tolerate any kind of corruption at any level. Chairing his maiden meeting with the civil surgeons from across the state, Brahm Mohindra, health Minister Punjab today said that the Chief Minister of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh has already made his vision clear to eradicate the corruption from the state and make it zero tolerance.

Health services paralyzed in civil hospital Gurdaspur on thirds day

Punjab News Express/Pardeep Luthra
GURDASPUR: The health services in the civil hospital were paralyzed on third day following the strike by the doctors of the the hospital who went on strike in protest against the manhandling of a doctor Rajan Singh by Sunil Kumar, a gunman of a DSP on Saturday night.

Mediation & Conciliation centre Punjab and Haryana High Court conducts Mediation Awareness Programme

Punjab News Express
MOHALI : An interactive Mediation Awareness Programme was held by the mediation&conciliation centre  Punjab and Haryana High Court in collaboration with NSS Unit of Rayat Bahra University School of Law, for the students as well as faculty members of USL. Prof. (Dr.) M.S. Bains, Dean, USL, RBU welcomed the mediation experts from the Mediation and conciliation Centre, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh. Senior Advocate Reeta KOhli, Punjab and Haryana High Court delivered the keynote address while  highlighting the importance of Mediation as a method of  settlement of dispute. She also emphasized that it is a unique method of providing Justice in which the course are relieved of the burden and the parties need not to go through the long adjudication process

Hoardings erected to create awareness regarding medicare protection act

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Taking note of frequent incidents of assault on doctors and vandalism in hospitals, Sangrur chapter of Indian Medical Association today erected hoardings outside and inside Civil Hospital Sangrur to create awareness regarding Punjab Protection of Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Act 2008.