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What are the Best Books for SSC GD Constable 2018 Exam?

September 24, 2018 07:33 PM

Staff Selection Commission had released the recruitment notification of GD Constable exam some time back and the students preparing for government jobs will face a great competition in this exam. But with a planned preparation strategy and good source, one can easily clear this exam. Through this article we are going to share the list of important books which will help aspirants in clearing the SSC GD Constable exam with ease.

Best books for the preparation of SSC GD Constable Exam

The books are selected on the basis of certain parameters like:-

❖        Easy to learn basic concepts, which include examples and elaborated content.

❖        High-Quality questions for practice with proper difficulty level, at par with that of the actual exam.

❖        Recommended by the successful candidates.

There are four sections in this exam, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language and General Knowledge. We are sharing below subject wise best books for the preparation of the SSC GD Constable exam.

Best books for Reasoning:-

This section is easy to cover and scoring if prepared well. This section checks the reasoning and mental ability of candidates. Through this section, the examiner is able to understand the decision-making capability and presence of mind of the candidates. Several books of Reasoning are available in the market as well as on different online platforms. But the standard book to kick start your preparation is given below:-

Book Title: - Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning


Author / Publisher: - R.S Aggarwal

Key Features of this book:-

❖        This book covers all the important topics. This is a holistic book which helps one cover the syllabus from scratch and then proceed to high level questions.

❖        The type and number of questions from different topics are sufficient enough for one’s practice.  The key feature of book is that it covers all the types of questions with practice sets.

❖        The questions from previous years are also included. The questions from previous years help one decide a proper framework of preparation. It guides one towards the change in level of difficulty and the level of efforts required in a particular topic.

❖        If one is able to complete this book, the candidate can score very good marks in exam for sure.

Best book for Quantitative Aptitude:-

This section is often difficult for the students, but with sufficient understanding of concepts and enough practice, one can easily score well in this exam. This section tests the numerical ability of the candidates. This skill of numerical ability is required in almost all types of jobs. The best book for this section is given below:-

Book Title: - SSC Mathematics


Author / Publisher: - Rakesh Yadav

Key Features of this book:-

❖        This book has been written in such a way that all the important topics are covered chapter wise. It helps students in getting familiar with the topics in terms of level of topic wise efforts required.

❖        The questions from previous years are also included in this book. It helps in knowing the exact level of efforts required. There are many instances when questions from previous years were asked as it is in the exams. Therefore it is very crucial that one should cover questions from previous years thoroughly.

❖        The solutions are also provided in very lucid way in this book and you will be able to solve complex questions in an optimal manner. It develops habit of solving questions in less time. Also the candidates should devise their own short tricks and techniques.

❖        The content provided in this books is sufficient for the preparation of this exam; if one is able to cover this book with examples and unsolved questions, then he/she can score well for sure.

Best books for General Knowledge and Current Affairs:-

Through this section the social awareness of a candidate is checked. This section plays a crucial role in determining the rank of the candidate in the exam. This section is easy to attempt if covered well and is also highly scoring.  The only problem with this section is the vast syllabus. This problem can be solved with a perfect book only. For the preparation of General Knowledge section of this exam, the best book is:-

Book Title: - General Knowledge


Author / Publisher: - Lucent’s 

Key Features of this book: - The key features of this book are given below:-

❖        The syllabus of each and every section and sub-section is covered well.

❖        The content is well presented in a precise form.

❖        There are many books in the market for this section but this one is a benchmark for the students because of its completeness.

❖        This book is written in a very simple language which is easy to understand and one can easily retain the content for exams with proper studies and revision.

Best Book for Current affairs: - In recent exams, the weightage of current affairs has increased significantly as compare to other sub sections. Through this section, general awareness towards social, political, economic, sports and technology is tested. Best book for this section is:-

Book Title: - Pratiyogita Darpan

Key Features of this book: - The key features of this book are given below:-

❖        This is the most comprehensive book for current affairs.

❖        It covers all important sub sections of current affairs in depth.

❖        It includes questions from recent exams which help in getting idea of current trend of exams.

Best books for English Language and Comprehension:-

This section is crucial for selection. The candidates can cover this section in short time with the help of a good book. Though there are many books available for this section, there is a standard book which sets the benchmark for this section. The best book for this section is:-

Book Title: - Objective General English

Author / Publisher: - S.P Bakshi

Key Features of this book: - The key features of this book are given below:-

❖        This book covers all the important topics well in a lucid way, and the language is easy to understand.

❖        There are ample numbers of good quality exercises for practice at the end of each chapter.

❖        The questions from previous years are also included in this book.

❖        The content is very comprehensive and enough for the sake of this exam.

The above listed books are the key to success if covered well. The candidates must keep in mind that while covering the syllabus from these books, regular revision part is very crucial. The candidates must plan their revision in a periodic manner as per their caliber and understanding.


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