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Justin Trudeau's meeting with Punjab CM removes misgivings, creates goodwill

The visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Golden Temple Amritsar has created lot of goodwill and also removed misgivings about Canada government in the mind of Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh who had earlier refused to meet Canada's defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan branding him supporter of Khalistan.

For Modi, road to 2019 will be steeper

For the Bharatiya Janata Party's supporters, the growing belief that the party is no longer as favourably placed as before must be both bewildering and disheartening.

Rishi Kapoor predicts 'huge stardom' for Priya Varrier

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is impressed by the "expressive" and "innocent" Priya Prakash Varrier. He has predicted a bright future for the 18-year-old, who became an internet sensation with a wink and a shy but mischievous smile in a music video.

Three years into power, Kejriwal is now a quieter politician

 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose government completes three years in office on Wednesday, is now a quieter person vis-a-vis targeting his bitter political rival -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gurdwaras feel the GST pinch in serving free langars

The popular community kitchen -- better known as the "langar" -- of gurdwaras in northern India is feeling the pinch of the GST regime that came into force seven months ago.

With his Parliament speech, Modi undermined his own case

There are three aspects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech in parliament -- which was probably his most combative in recent times -- that deserve attention.

Why record harvests, govt spending are not enough for farmers

Indian farms produced record harvests in 2017, and the government's agricultural budget rose 111 per cent over four years to 2017-18. Yet, prices crashed, 8,007 farmers committed suicide in 2015, unpaid agricultural loans rose 20 per cent between 2016 and 2017, and the 600 million who depend on agriculture are struggling to get by.

Double blow for Amarinder as close aides lose jobs

CHANDIGARH: In a matter of just 24 hours, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh suffered a double blow as two of his close aides in the government lost their jobs -- one bowing to the law of the land and the second one being forcibly sacrificed at the political altar.

Research project to identify Punjab children falling prey to drugs, being exploited for sex

LUDHIANA: The menance of drugs in Punjab is acquring alarming dimensions with no help seems coming from the Punajb Government led by Capt Amarinder Singh. Not only youth but children aare also falling prey to the drug abuse.

Forest cover: Punjab tops from below; Haryana second

Niti Ayog portal shows that India has a 21.23% land under forest cover against recommended 33% recommended in the national forest policy. While Punjab tops the list from below with just 3.52 % forest cover and its immediate neighbour Haryana is satisfied with being first runner up again from below with a forest cover of 3.59 %.

Triple talaq bill politically motivated, feel Muslim intelligentsia, women's groups

The triple talaq bill, unilaterally drafted and brought by the Narendra Modi government, is politically motivated, feels the Muslim intelligentsia cutting across sectarian lines and schools of thought -- but they are happy that the controversy has created awareness in the public mind about the evils of the practice.

Potato price fall worrying Punjab's farmers

Even as a new harvesting season has begun, Punjab's farmers are staring at bleak prospects with potato prices, that had hit rock-bottom last year, not showing signs of returning to previous levels.

Should BJP worry about growing Dalit alienation?

For the third time since the Narendra Modi government's assumption of office, the Dalits have come into conflict with the Hindutva brigade. The first time was in Una in Gujarat, where a group of Dalits were thrashed by saffron activists for skinning a cow, a traditional occupation of the "untouchables".

After losing CM-face Dhumal, BJP looks for alternatives

After creating massive support for the BJP but not able to save his face, the saffron brigade is now looking for alternatives to replace septuagenarian Prem Kumar Dhumal, who suffered an abject defeat in the Himachal Pradesh assembly polls.

Punjab assembly polls re-aligned the state's politics

It was widely expected to be a crowning moment for the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab this year, but it was the Congress which took top honours. The assembly election results in March clearly redefined the political space in the state.

Gujarat is a setback for BJP, but will it make party more humble?

For the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to have struggled to cross the 100-seat mark in Gujarat when it was boasting about bagging 150 is suggestive of an undeniable downward turn in its popularity ratings.

Five years after Nirbhaya, is Delhi any safer for women?

Five years after 23-year-old Nirbhaya was brutally raped and murdered by five men on December 16, earning Delhi an epithet of "rape capital" of India, has the national capital become any safer for women? Crime data doesn't suggest so and females who live and work in the city and its peripheries also don't feel safer despite resolves by the centre and city governments to enhance women's safety.

Is the BJP nervous about Gujarat?

Normally, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) shouldn't have any worries about the election results in Gujarat. It is Narendra Modi's home state and the party has been in power there for more than two decades.

SAD-BJP blocked roads in Punjab, Congress govt remained mute spectator

The Congress government in Punjab today remained mute spectator to the anarchy created on roads by SAD-BJP alliance by blocking all main highways for about 26 hours. The dharnas laid by SAD-BJP were lifted only after High Court intervened on a petition filed by a public man.

Problems of Power Sector in India

There is a need for an introspection and course correction before taking up further amendments in the Electricity Act 2003. Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2014 which envisages segregation of carriage and content has far reaching implications not only for the industry, but also the consumer.