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Knowing working style of former PM Dr.Manmohan Singh-an unique experience

I cannot become a biographer of Dr. Manmohan Singh. My knowledge about him is quite recent. Mainly pertaining to his period as the PM. I knew his wife Gursharan Kaur a little bit. However, I tried to study the functioning of this extraordinary financial expert, bureaucratic style prime minister. My only contact with him was regarding Punjab’s well being. He knows Punjab very well and his solutions to Punjab’s problems are right on target. He became prime minister in May of 2004. His elevation to the prime minister’s title was totally unexpected.

Punjab Tourism policy needs a new look with focus on Amritsar

Tourism is the biggest economy of the world. The mainstay of the economies of cities of New York, Paris, London, Saint Petersburg, Los Angeles, Geneva, San Francisco, Washington D.C. Cairo and Rome is tourism. Other economies like industrial economy and trade can boom and bust, depending on the situation prevailing in the world. Punjab is passing through a bad period of economy. The solutions are hard and financial belt tightening is essential.

Democracy under attack in India: Actor and filmmaker Nandita Das

NEW DELHI: Democracy is under threat in India with "artists, writers and rationalists" being attacked in some form or the other, says acclaimed actress and filmmaker Nandita Das, who feels conservatives and right-wing groups are increasingly becoming the country's moral police.

Sukhpal Khaira attacks Rana Gurjit for polluting river water, Punjab CM defends him

CHANDIGARH: Former Punjab minister Rana Gurjit Singh who was shunted out of cabinet after his name figured in the sand scam is again in the thick of controversy. This time for allegedly discharging toxins from his Batala sugar mill into river Beas.

Modi's burden has become heavier after Karnataka setback

The hopes of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) adding Karnataka to the list of 19 states where it is in power has been dashed although it came close to fulfilling it. However, the eight seats which the BJP needed to cross the finishing line in the legislature eluded the party.

British Columbia bullish on Indian tech firms: Indian-origin minister

From Canada, that boasts of a first Indian-origin Defence Minister in Harjit Singh Sajjan, here is the story of another Indian-origin woman migrant who has risen to become a minister in the government of the British Columbia -- the Western-most province of the country known for its tech prowess globally.

25,000 illegal structures in Himachal cry out for comprehensive solution

Illegal multi-storied structures, both commercial and residential, rose in earthquake-sensitive Himachal Pradesh with what was alleged to be political connivance.

Congress, BJP lock horns in Karnataka's triangular poll contest (Curtain Raiser)

The ruling Congress and the opposition BJP have locked horns to outsmart each other in the Karnataka assembly election on Saturday, with the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) making the contest triangular.

'Indian TV shows have ruined concept of family'

Many stories revolving around families, especially daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, have been told on the small screen. But director Apurv Singh Karki says Indian TV shows have ruined the concept of family for him.

Moving from water scarce to water smart India

Water assumes a vital role in the human framework, farming, and industry. The twentieth century saw an enormous rise in the demand for fresh water due to the expansion of population along with the growth in industries and urbanization. This rising level of water demand is directly impacting the worldwide shortage of water.

Punjab finally waking up to decibel danger

 Noisy wedding celebrations, high-pitched religious fervour and other ear-splitting nocturnal festivities have become a nightmare for peace-loving citizens of Punjab. Finally, the state's lawmakers and authorities seem to be waking up to the pervasive civic nuisance.

Is UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath losing his sheen?

LUCKNOW: Is Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath -- in power for just over a year -- fast losing his lustre?

Paradox of power surplus India

India has moved from being a country perennially short on power to one power surplus country which also exports power and this may be a major step towards reliable electricity supply and universal access but the power sector is facing several serious challenges as well.

Punjab's political vocabulary is a virtual street-fight

CHANDIGARH: Name-calling in its subtle and not-so-subtle forms is a well-known Punjabi trait, but political leaders in Punjab are setting a new trend -- taking the political vocabulary against their opponents to a new low.

Punjab's political vocabulary is a virtual street-fight

Name-calling in its subtle and not-so-subtle forms is a well-known Punjabi trait, but political leaders in Punjab are setting a new trend -- taking the political vocabulary against their opponents to a new low.

BJP expands footprint in northeast, boosts prospects for 2019 Lok Sabha polls

NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party appears to have consolidated its position as the principal pole of Indian politics due to its stunning victory in Tripura and its improved performance in Meghalaya and Nagaland with the results also showing that Congress continues to face multiple challenges to check its slide in the states.

PNB not shown as creditor in US bankruptcy filing by Nirav Modi companies

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) is not shown as a creditor in the bankruptcy documents filed in a court here by three companies affiliated with Nirav Modi, who has been accused in a $2 billion-scam involving the nationalised financial institution.

Why Punjab CM Amarinder Singh is so helpless in stopping illegal mining and Goonda Tax?

CHANDIGARH: In great embarrassment to Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh , the illegal mining and collection of Goonda Tax in Punjab is continuing despite repeated directions to the Police and civil administration.

Punjab's 'Farm-stay Man' wants boost for agri-tourism

Over a decade after he initiated farm-stays in Punjabs Hoshiarpur district, agriculturist-entrepreneur Harkirtat Singh believes agri-tourism needs a further boost so that people from urbanised areas get a feel of rural life -- and stressed farmers get another source of income.

India stunned by Sridevi's death

MUMBAI: Veteran actress Sridevi, 54, passed away in Dubai, plunging the entire country into a pall of gloom as her fans and admirers expressed shock and disbelief.


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