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Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus organised Path Sri Sukhmani Sahib

September 12, 2018 04:14 PM

Punjab NewsExpress
ROPAR: Rayat- Bahra Ropar Campus organised Path Sri Sukhmani Sahib hi to seek the blessings of God Almighty.

The day started with students participating in all rituals amid heavy rains. All the students and staff were part of this religious ceremony. The aim of this ceremony was to attach the students with their grass roots and make them aware about their customs and traditions.

The recital of Sri Sukhmani Sahib was followed by Kirtan by famous ragi S. Arshdeep Singh ji Arshi. Kirtan mesmerized the hearts of gathering of more than 2000 students and staff.

S. Nirmal Singh Rayat, President, Rayat- Bahra Group paid obeisanceand thanked almighty for showering his blessings on the Group and Ropar Campus. He prayed to God to keep his hand on all of us so that we always work in positive direction. He paid his gratitude to the organizing team for their efforts.

Dr. Suresh Seth, Campus Director Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus said that he was very happy when young students came with proposal of Sri Sukhmani Sahib recital to mark the pious beginning of  new academic session. This shows we are still connected to our rootsand participation of students even after heavy rain has proved that our modern youth still has moral ethics and values.

‘Guru ka Langar' ( free community kitchen) was also served on the occasion.

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