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Why you Should not trust every comparison E-commerce site

April 13, 2020 03:34 PM

Comparison E-commerce sites have so far proven to be effective in identifying the most suitable platform to do business on. Those running such businesses understand the challenges linked to operating a business online. As for You the client, getting familiar with such challenges will most definitely help you not only find your way but also avoid common pitfalls. With each day that passes, More and more people continue to develop a preference for doing work or business online. Comparison E-commerce sites to be specific also continue to become popular platforms for identifying go-to sites for carrying out business.

Unfortunately, if want to make use of the comparison e-commerce sites then you should take time and carry out your own research. This you should do before signing up to any of the comparison eCommerce sites. This way at least you will have some background knowledge to help you maneuver. That information coupled with the information you gather from the comparison eCommerce site will help you make the most informed decision.

Comparison ecommerce sites are widely known to offer several advantages not only to customers, businesses and the immediate society at large. Unfortunately, lately, there has been some areas and reason for concern which need urgent attention. It is because of such concerns that platforms such as have come up to help keep you safe while doing business online. Through trustworthy websites like this one, expect to find out if the product or service provider is reputable. You can also expect highlights of fraudulent or bad offers. has so far proven to be an extremely reliable platform to help protect yourself from fraudulent eCommerce sites. It has been able to do so by doing background checks of various eCommerce platforms in the same line of business. Afterward publishing reviews which you can in turn use to identify which platform to engage with.

Below is an overview of some of the reasons why you should never trust every comparison eCommerce site. You should familiarize yourself with the following to avoid any fraudulent eCommerce platform from taking advantage of you. They include:


 Security is by far the biggest drawback to eCommerce. A good number of those who have previously provided their personal/financial information while doing business on eCommerce platforms have been victims of identity theft. As much as several improvements have been made in respect to data encryption people still do not trust eCommerce sites 100% and so should you.

Speaking of trust and security of eCommerce sites, reports indicate that certain sites lack the capacity to carry out authentication of transacti5ons. Some even do not have the capacity to verify the credentials of those registering onto their platform. This, in turn, leaves you the genuine client exposed to all kinds of fraudsters.

Make sure you carry out your own security checks and verify the information before you trust any eCommerce site with your personal or financial information.

Lack of Privacy

As strange as it may sound, there are several websites which do not have the required high-end encryption to see through secure transactions online. This means these eCommerce sites are completely unable to protect your identity online hence as the client you wouldn’t have absolute privacy. No one would like to be exposed. Not financially and definitely not on a personal level.

Still, on privacy, there are certain websites that have been found to continuously collect consumer statistics without their express permission. This too is an area of concern. From your background checks, the moment you realize that your privacy isn’t guaranteed to refrain from conducting commercial transactions. Failure to do so means your personal and financial information will be subject to misuse by fraudulent people.

IT Security Issues
Rogue hackers and tech-savvy individuals continue to frustrate online businesses. Malicious hackers continue to gain access to servers of online business and steal customer information. Besides the legal and financial implications of such happenings, knowing about it would significantly lower the level of trust you have in the business or company in question.

Speaking of legal issues, you should know that the cyber laws which govern eCommerce transactions vary from one country to the next. Such legal issues seriously limit electronic transactions. this is because such legal hurdles make it extremely difficult for people to enter into electronic contracts. Without such formally binding agreements, the level of trust in doing business is greatly eroded.

Technical limitations
There are certain protocols that are yet to be standardized across the globe. As such, cases of not being able to browse through pages of an eCommerce site has increasingly become common. This is mainly attributed to the lack of use of common standardized software.
In certain instances, insufficient bandwidth has been pointed out for causing a variety of technical problems especially for sites that have employed the use of specialized software not standardized or common to others.

Not all E-commerce sites are featured
Just so you are aware, not all businesses or companies are on comparison websites. This means you might easily miss out on a quote from one of the most reliable companies or market leader that particular sector you are interested in. simply put regardless of how in-depth your search might be on comparison eCommerce sites, chances are you still won’t get the entire picture. As such you can’t truly trust that you will always be getting the best deals while doing business or work online.

Comparison sites charge additional fees
You should know that the sites featured on most comparison eCommerce sites tend often have to pay a fee whenever they are chosen by any client. Payment usually depends on the product or the service they are offering. With such a pre-existing agreement, both parties have to keep their end of the bargain hence you might not get full disclosure of the behind the scenes workings. In fact, in most cases, such additional fees which are remitted as commissions or predetermined amounts are hidden in the details of user agreements.

Lack of tactile Experience
This is another key area of concern that has caused a lot of distrust amongst eCommerce sites and their target clients. You will agree and support the fact that without a sense of the first-hand touch delivering the ultimate brand experience becomes a toll order. Regardless of how well an advertising video is made, you still wouldn’t be able to practically feel the product. Some eCommerce sites are reported to be taking advantage of this fact to offer substandard products and services. It is because of such that you should carry out your own background checks before you make the decision to engage any eCommerce site.

Ecommerce sites largely depend on their online platforms to do business. This being the case, the slightest downtime or any form of technological hiccup will directly result into substantial losses. Though this would affect the operator, you the client would experience delays and have dissatisfaction with the kind of service offered.

In addition to the above, there is usually the preexisting fear of operating in today’s faceless and paperless electronic world of online business. There are some organization which does not even have physical locations. As such you wouldn’t know who exactly it is that you are carrying out commercial transactions with. this leaves you extremely vulnerable and at the first sight of trouble, you will immediately switch to a physical store.

Lastly, there is a product suitability. When it comes to e-commerce sites, purchases and other business transactions largely rely on electronic images. Previously there has been several cases whereby the final product delivered isn’t close to what was advertised. This continuous lack of touch and feel has seriously eroded the level of trust most online clients had in eCommerce sites. You should never trust every comparison eCommerce site as much as they are key to pointing you to specific eCommerce sites.

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