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What are the best online casinos you can use in India?

April 13, 2020 03:30 PM

Online casinos have evolved the gambling world, thus spreading throughout the world like wildfire. As a result, it has been appreciated by gamblers who find it easy to stake odds and enjoy themselves. However, the same does not apply to countries like India, a non-gambling friendly country. Regardless, that doesn't mean that the country has no gamblers who like to enjoy the game. As such, we have done our homework and compiled a detailed article on the best online casinos you can use in India?

The best online casinos you could use in India.

The debate concerning the best Indian online casinos has spiked numerously. However, the ideal candidates for this title are Betway Casino, Royal Panda, and the Leo Vegas casino. The three casinos have similar comparisons, with the only significant difference being the user interface. For instance, they all have a payout speed that does not exceed two days.
Notably, the three also have a long list of stunning casino games that to keep you occupied. On top of that, they all have rewarding bonuses that are likely to interest you in signing up for their services. Lastly, the three have a remarkable customer support system that is ever active, regardless of the time of day as such this double user comfort by twice for all the above sites.

Pros of online casinos

 Online casinos are a quick way to make cash.

  • Online casinos are a fun way to spend your time with your virtual friends.
  • Online casinos are easy to use and learn, unlike traditional casinos.
  • Online casinos are readily available via phone, tablet, laptop, and even PC.

Cons of online casinos

 Online users are prone to privacy exposures.

  • Online gambling has increased gambling addictions.
  • In as much as one can win, online gambling and gambling, in general, is not a sure way to make money.

Factors to consider before signing up for any casino

 Consider casinos that are stable and have a wide game variety.

Most casinos are doomed by their lack of dynamism. Therefore, this makes gameplay boring and redundant for most users. So, to avoid this, you should go for a site that has multiple slots, games, and roulettes. Also, you should consider a website that is frequently updated with new casino game to make your experience exciting.
Variety aside, you should also consider going for casinos that are not only stable but also easy to use. That is, the site should be free of lags and still be easy to use, even for an amateur. Hence, this should make your gameplay time more exciting yet fun and enjoyable.

Look at their customer support services.

Another essential to consider before choosing an online casino is customer service. Customer service is a group of skilled personnel employed by an organization to ensure customer satisfaction. Excellent customer support should be fast and quick at responding to clients.
Also, the bookmaker in question should offer the way forward in case of system failure. So, it's good for one to register with bookmakers that have a quick support system, possibly a live chat. Hence this should increase your comfort and confidence in the site while increasing their user-friendliness.

Seek out their licensing information.

The first thing to seek from any online site is their license information. Finding the license information is easy for most websites as they are on the homepage of the website. All one needs to do is to access the footer of the website; here, you'll find its registration and license information. Although it sounds complicated and petty knowing license information should shield you from any legal complaints. Also, this should help you determine if the bookmaker is legit or not.

Payout rates.

The sweetest part of gambling is requesting payouts from the bookmaker. A good bookmaker should have a fast and reliable means of payment. On top of that payment should not be fined or subjected to excessive tax. However, if taxed, then the user should only pay for the transaction fees. On top of that, a good casino should not have a high minimum target withdrawal rate. Instead, it should be flexible and considerate for clients looking to withdraw their winnings.

Have a look at their bonuses and terms and conditions.

Casino bonuses are one of the biggest attractions that will attract you to a particular site. However, failing to understand the terms and conditions of a bookmaker might end up being costly. For instance, casinos have different requirements before being awarded bonuses. So to avoid any predicaments, it's recommended that you read and understand their policy regarding bonuses. You can find this section under their frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you could contact them via email, call, or even using the live chat.

Check out their player review.

Player reviews are a description of what other plays think about the bookmaker. As a result, this makes player review a guide of what to expect from the bookmaker. Although it might seem like a chore, reading player reviews helps determine the kind of site you are about to interact with.
For instance, it will show if the casino is legit or not. Note that reviews can either be genuine or false; that is, an appraisal can either be from a satisfied client or a client that has lost a bet. Regardless, an honest review has critics that specify the pros and cons of the site in question.

Finally, let us answer some frequently asked questions

Are online casinos popular in India?

India is not a hotbed of gambling activities. However, the rapid development of online casinos has increased the number of bookmakers. Further, online casinos have been making headway into the country, with most personas engaging in games like poker, slots, and roulette. As such, this has doubled the number of gambling activities in the country.

What are the available payment methods for online gambling?

Payment is a crucial aspect when transacting with online casinos. As such, most bookmakers have invested heavily in their payment systems, thus making them fast yet secure to prevent privacy leaks. Nearly all bookmakers will accept a visa, Mastercard, debit cards, and credit cards. Others will also go as far as taking e-wallets from PayPal Neteller and skrill. In other words, there are multiple payment methods for online casinos. So, depending on your bookmaker, you should find a payment method that suits you best.

Can I play for free minus cash?

No, you can play for free, depending on the site you are running on. Most online casinos have developed dummy sites that allow their client to try out their games absolutely for free. As such, this helps clients to interact with the interface first before signing up with the bookmaker. The downside of this, however, is that demo sites are just demos. As such, one is not entitled to any prize money whatsoever.

Can I play on my phone?

Why not? Online casinos are similar to other webpages. As such, a lot has been invested in their development to make them compatible with almost all devices available. Also, online casinos have invested in mobile applications available on either play store or the site website. Once downloaded, you can easily install it with a few clicks, and you are ready to go.

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