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Do French online casinos for Canadians exist?

April 13, 2020 03:27 PM

Gambling in casinos is a very popular kind of entertainment in Canada. Canadian gambling laws, however, are considered vague and complicated. Up to date, several forms of offline gambling activities have been legalized by the country's Government. The case is the same as in other parts of the world.

With regard to offshore gambling, neither the provincial government nor the federal have taken steps to reduce access to such sites. Currently, there are no regulatory restrictions on payment processing by such operators, or that constitute internet service provider (ISPs) blocking, blacklisting or any restrictions. However, the province of Quebec passed legislation in 2016 that would, if enforced, require internet service providers to block Quebec residents from accessing private online gambling sites.

This article is aimed at analyzing the existence of French-Canadian online casinos in Canada. The information contained largely base around the French populated areas in Canada such as Quebec and Ontario.

Good French-Canadian online casinos are set with the playing preferences of real money gamblers throughout Canada. French Canadian casinos, therefore, need to support French but with an English translation and the use of the Canadian dollar in its transactions. Therefore, this is the basic features which a good online casino should have for the French Canadians.

A thorough look into these online casinos in Canada also should pay attention to what gamblers want: a good welcome bonus which surpasses the offline casinos, an entertainment set of games, competitive VIP rewards, efficient payouts, and strong policies.
Online gambling often remains an untested territory. Canadian law doesn’t restrict the practice of gambling via the Internet, but it does require a service provider to be licensed or owned by a provincial government in order to be considered legal. This hasn’t prevented many unlicensed offshore sites operating their services to Canadian citizens!

Quebec province has the biggest population of about 8 million people in Canada. Unlike in other parts of the country, the English ethnic group is a small minority in Quebec. The majority in Quebec are Canadian (Canadiens) and make up 60% of the population. With 29% of the French are the second largest ethnic group.

So, it is expected that most online and offline gambling service providers will be in French but with English translation. Here, any Canadian can enjoy gambling in these casinos because several factors have been put in place to make sure they enjoy limited challenges.

The only French-speaking province in Quebec, Canada, has probably the best varieties of betting options. The sports betting community is thriving, and the residents have the freedom to choose if they want to make bets online at offshore websites.

There are many online casinos that accept Canadians players and most of them are not necessarily located in Canada. This is largely attributed to the fact that there is currently no law preventing individuals from playing online casinos based in other countries. Canadians anywhere should be able to play and enjoy online gaming wherever they are. These online casinos should, however, meet certain criteria as outlined below:

a. They should be safe and secure.
b. Offer a good choice of additional payment method.
c. Be compatible with hand gadgets.
These foreign sites also allow for the Canadian dollar and if not, they will convert your money for you though a charge is usually applicable for this option. To further make sure that Canadian players are well taken care of, these sites will have a 24\7 customer care support and mostly would be available in English.

All Canadians are lucky in that its governments, both federal and local, do not have total control when it comes to gambling legislation. This means Canadians are free to make their own choices when it comes to betting either online or offline. In many countries around the world, this freedom does not come easily.

When it comes to online betting, Canadians can choose how and where they play. Previously in provinces like Quebec, the state held the monopoly. Meaning that players were denied a choice. Like everything, online gambling is about choice and freedom.

As stated above, online gambling regulations in Canada are somewhat complex. Different provinces have the freedom to create and enforce their own laws on the matter within their boundaries. Nevertheless, It is illegal for offshore companies to operate online gambling sites within the country. However, most manage to get around this by laying their servers on the Kahnawake reserve which is found within Canadian territory.

In fact, most of these internet service providers are licensed and controlled by Canada’s very own Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Needless to say, the situation remains a bit of grey area and many provinces in Canada have been pushing for clearer, national legislation to eliminate confusion.

Some of the most frequently asked question when it comes to online gambling include:

1. Is online gambling legal in Canada?
The answer is yes. There are many government-run legal sites operating in Canada where local players can enjoy their gaming from there place of convenience.
2. Can gamblers play in Canadian Dollars?
This depends on the site that a player visits. However, the best online sites in Canada should offer the Canadian dollar so you don't incur an extra charge in exchange fees.
3. Do online casinos cheat?
A great majority of online casinos do not cheat. Most are regulated and licensed. Also, there are strict rules and the punishment for such a vice can be severe.
4. Which part of Canada is French?
More than 85% of French reside in Quebec province. New Brunswick and Ontario follow second and third respectively.

Reforms in the Gambling Industry in Canada.
The Canadian Gaming Association wants to team up with the federal member of parliament to put forward a private members bill that would change the Code to permit betting on a single sports event. There is hope that this being the third time in which a bill on the subject has been put forward, it will lead to a positive change to the gaming provisions of the Code.

On the provincial front, the attempt by the Quebec government to restrict illegal gaming sites moves on through the court's corridor. A section of the Quebec consumers' protection wants to put into place a regime whereby Internet Service Providers would be required to lock Quebec residents from Accessing illegal internet gaming sites. However, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (on behalf of its ISP members) filed a motion in the Quebec Superior Court requesting that the court find the ISP blocking to be invalid, on the basis that they are unconstitutional. Their request was upheld and the blocking found to be indeed unconstitutional.

French Canadians online casinos do exist in Canada majorly where the population of French speaking group are a majority. Most casinos in Quebec province have French features but with translation in English hence any Canadian can be able to enjoy his gaming without much difficulty. The sites also are monitored therefore are safe and secure to play in.

However, you still ought to be safe with your money and financial details, as long as you follow these guidelines above, then you are good to go!

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