AADHAR-“Ram Prabhu Aadhar Jagat Ke...."

April 01, 2018 09:20 AM

By Anmol Ratan Narang
Whatever we see, read, speak and feel, gets entrenched in our subconscious mind and sometimes comes as a dream, during sleep.
I am an admirer of Pt. Bhim Sen Joshi and often listen to Bhajans sung by him on Ram Naam.
The other day, I was listening to his bhajans and while listening, I do not know when went off to sleep. But, as far as I recollect, the last bhajan was “Ram Prabhu Aadhar Jagat Ke................” Whereas I forgot ‘Ram Naam’, the chanting of which helps one to cross the ocean of life, Aadhar being a daily phenomenon, remained etched up in my mind.
During sleep, I saw a dream that I have died. My wife who has to visit the bathroom at least twice during the night, on return on her first visit, saw some fog in my mouth, with one of my arms hanging on one side of the bed. She got apprehensive and immediately touched my hand. It was cold. In no time, a doctor was called, who, on seeing my eyes with her torch, declared me dead.
My wife sat down on the floor, beside my bed, and started weeping, saying “ मुझे भी साथ ले जाते। कहाँ अकेले छोड़ गएहो। आपने तो वादा किया था।” My son consoled his mother. The message was sent to all my relatives- my daughter, brother, sisters and other relatives. Soon, everybody was around
Soon, the news of my death spread like wildfire. My closest friends and their wives reached by 6:00 am. By 7:00 am, the carpets were laid. People were coming, sitting for 5 -10 minutes and after saying “बड़ा अफ़सोस होया” were leaving. But one thing I noticed that everyone while leaving, was whispering something in my son’s ears.
My brother, who, on noticing it, asked my son (after the visitor had left),“ What was he saying.?”. My son replied, “चाचा जी, वह पूछ रहा था की संस्कार का टाइम क्या है?”
मैंने बोल दिया, 12 बजे।
Since I am a retiree, a message was posted on Whatsapp about my death.
At 11:45, I was given a final bath and 12:00 noon started my final journey. I was indeed dismayed that though I had never missed anybody’s funeral, in my case, there were hardly 50 people, out of which 25 (twenty-five) were from my own family and 10-15 my neighbors. It means there was hardly anybody from my colleagues.
On reaching cremation ground, my joy knew no bounds to see at least 350-400 persons waiting there for my corpse. Every colleague was happy but making a show of sadness and grief.
My son lit my funeral pyre. When the flames touched the roof and it became certain that nothing is left, my son settled dues of the in-charge of the cremation ground
It was now time for a return journey for the mourners and ‘others’. My son, my brother and close friends stood in a row at the exit point with their hands folded. The mourners, with folded hands, came, one by one, showed their face (as if saying, mark our present), and left the place.
When all people had gone, the in-charge of the cremation ground came to my son and asked him to make an entry in the register, with correct spellings of his father’s name
But the last advice by the pandit to my son was of utmost importance
“बेटा, अपने पिता जी दी मौत नू आधार नाल लिंक ज़रूर करा लयी नहीं ते death सर्टिफ़िकेट नहीं मिलना।”
The first thing that my son did, on reaching home was to locate my Aadhar card. After a search for 10-15 minutes came his voice’मिल गया’। My son’s voice broke my dream.

The Author, Anmol Rattan Narang is
UCO Bank,

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