India face USA in their opener in FIFA Under-17 World Cup

August 05, 2017 11:18 AM

Punjab News Express/Balbir Singh
CHANDIGARH : Hosts India will begin their campaign with a match against USA in group A of the FIFA Under-17 World Cup 2017 on October 6 at 8 p.m at the JN Stadium. in New Delhi The inaugural match will be played between Ghana and Colombia at 5 p.m in New Delhi. Twenty four participating countries have been divided into six groups. A total of 52 matches will be played to identify the champions.
India have been drawn with USA, Colombia and Ghana in Group A. Group B is composed of Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand, Turkey. Iran, Guinea, Germany and Costa Rica have been placed in Group C. Korea, Niger, Brazil and Spain are featuring in Group D..Hunduras, Japan, New Caledonia and France are in Group E. Iraq are clubbed with Mexico, Chile and England in Group F.
Group matches will be played from October 6 to 14. Round of 16 matches will be contested on October 16, 17 and 18. Quarter-final matches are scheduled for October 21 and 22. The semi-final matches are billed for October 25 at Navi Mumbai and Guwahati.
The matches for third and fourth positions and the final will be contested in Kolkata.
Group A: India, USA, Colombia, Ghana.
Group B: Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand, Turkey.
Group C: Iran, Guinea, Germany, Costa Rica.
Group D: Korea, Niger, Brazil, Spain.
Group E: Hunduras, Japan, New Caledonia, France.
Group F: Iraq, Mexico, Chile, England.
SCHEDULE: Oct 6: Group A: Colombia vs Ghana (5 p.m); India vs USA (8 p.m) --- New Delhi.
Group B: New Zealand vs Turkey (5 p.m); Paraguay vs Mali (8 p.m)-- Navi Mumbai.
October 7: Group C: Germany vs Cost Rica (5 p.m); Iran vs Guiena (8 p.m)-- Goa.
Group D: Brazil vs Spain (5 p.m); Korea vs Niger (8 p.m)-- Kochi.
Oct 8: Group E: New Caledonia vs France (5 p.m); Honduras vs Japan (8 p.m). --Guwahati.
Group F: Chile vs England (5 p.m); Iraq vs Mexico (8 p.m) -- Koktaka.
October 9: Group A: Ghana vs USA (5 p.m); India vs Colombia (8 p.m)-- New Delhi.
Group B: Turkey vs Mali (5 p.m); Paraguay vs New Zealand (8 p.m).-- Navi Mumbai.
Oct 10: Group C: Costa Rica vs Guinea (5 p.m); Iran vs Germany (8 p.m)--Goa.
Group D: Spain vs Niger(5 p.m); Korea vs Brazil (8 p.m)-- Kochi.
Oct 11: Group E: France vs Japan (5 pm) ; Honduras v New Caledonia (8 p.m)--Guwahati.
Group F: England vs Mexico (5 p.m); Iraq vs Chile (8 p.m) -- Kolkata.
Oct 12: Group B: Mali vs New Zealand (5 p.m). Group A: Ghana vs India (8 p.m) --- New Delhi.
Group B Turkey vs Paraguay (5 p.m). Group A: USA vs Colombia (8 p.m) -- Navi Mumbai.
Oct 13: Group C: Costa Rica vs Iran (5 p.m). Group D: Niger vs Brazil (8 p.m)-- Goa.
Group C: Guinea vs Germany (5 p.m). Group D: Spain vs Korea (8 p.m)--- Kochi.
Oct 14: Group E: France vs Honduras (5 p.m). Group F: Mexico vs Chile (8 p.m)-- Kolkata.
Group E: Japan vs New Caledonia (5 p.m). Group F: England vs Iraq (8 p.m)-- Kolkata.
October 15: Rest Day.
October 16: Round of 16: 2A vs 2C (5 p.m); 1B vs 3 A/C/D (8 p.m) -- New Delhi.
Oct 17: 1 C vs 3 A/B/F (5 p.m); 2B vs 2 F (8 p.m)--Goa.
1E vs 2D (5 p.m)-- Guwahati. 1F vs 2E (8 p.m)-- Kolkata.
Oct 18: 1A vs 3 C/D/E (5 p.m)-- Navi Mumbai. 1D vs 3 B/E/F (8 p.m)-- Kochi.
Oct 19 and 20: Rest Day.
Oct 21: Q-finals in Goa and Guwahati.
Oct 22: Q-finals in Kochi and Kolkata.
Oct 23 and 24: Rest Days.
Oct 25 Semi-finals in Navi Mumbai and Guwahati.
Oct 26 and 27: Rest Days.
Oct 28: Third and fourth positions and final in Kolkata.

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