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New Invention: Car run on air, Speed breakers light the path

December 22, 2016 02:25 PM

Punjab News Express/ S.K.Vyas
MAHENDRAGARH: To combat with the increasing cost of petrol-diesel and the pollution caused by vehicles running on petrol-diesel, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendragarh has developed a unique technology.

The uniqueness of this technologyor technique is that the car engine runs onpressure of air. Not merely this, but keeping in view the Make in India and Start up India campaigns, the innovation (Navpravartak) club of university has developed such three techniques by which not only the car run son air but the speed breakers can also help in lighting the roads too and the damage to your car due to collision with high speed car scan also be minimized.

Now, this effort of the Innovation Club of University will be displayed in Pragati Maidan. For this purpose, the students of the university are going to participate with their models, in the Electric vehicle exhibition-2016 (EV Expo-2016)scheduled to be held on 23 to 25 December.
University Vice-chancellor, Prof. R.C. Kuhad congratulated the club for this achievement and stated that now-a-days with the help of technology, solutions of various problems are being searched out and our Innovation Club is also endeavouring in this direction. Prof .Kuhad said that now-a-days there is need to develop such a technique that may facilitate the use of renewable sources of energy and all of the three techniques developed by our students are very useful for this purpose. Prof. Kuhad said that keeping in view theMake in India and Start up Indiac ampaigns, the effort of our students is praiseworthy and reflects the futuristic vision. Club Coordinator Prof.Nawal Kishore said that the technique developed by the students may be extremely useful for the future. He said that it sounds really unique that our students have developed such a car, which runs on air.

Student innovator Sunil Kumar & Rishipal developed these futuristic techniques. They explained that they have developed three different models which are alternative sources of energy for future as well as are totally renewable too. Sunil Kumar said that they have developed such a car in which air is used instead of fuel. The engine runs with the help of air and the car can be driven at the speed of about 35 to 40 kilometre per hour. He further said that they have developed such a car which not only run son energy produced by the sun, air and noise but it is also equipped with such smart sensors which can move forward the bumpers before colliding with any high speed vehicle. In this way, even the damage caused due to direct collision is also got minimized.

Student innovator Rishipal explains that in the EV Expo-2016 they are also going to display such a technique that may be used to light the roads just with the help of their speed breakers. He said that under this invention, they have developed such a technique which will be helpful in producing electricity just when any car or any other vehicle will pass over the speed breakers and this electricity may be useful in illuminating the road lights installed nearby.

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