SBS Nagar Saanjh Kendras provide Public utility services to the people

August 22, 2018 06:28 PM

Punjab News Express
NAWANSHAHR: "Saanjh Kendras" set up by district police, have virtually been providing a 'human face' to the police by providing hassle free access to the public utility services related to police department to common man.
"As many as 13 Saanjh Kendras has been set up in the district, aiming at to providing hassle free delivery of services which are not related to crime", said Superintendent of Police (Headquarter) Dyama Harish, while divulging details after chairing a meeting of local committee of Saanjh Kendra,This year, as many as 47244 residents have got the services rendered by these kendras, he added.
“Saanjh Kendras are not merely the offices meant for processing applications only, instead, the staff goes out to the people to make them aware about the social evils like drug abuse , traffic rules” etc, adds SP Harish. A total of 321 such type of awareness seminars have been organised since January 2018. During these seminars, a number of people contact the staff in field and often seek help to get their wards rid of drugs abuse.
Apart from that, Saanjh Kendras are also bridging the gaps by engineering amicable solution to the petty disputes. For this a special counselling facility is being provided to both the parties/family members so that the bitterness in relations could be mollified to unite the families. In these meetings the local civil members of Saanjh Kendra play a very proactive role to keep the families intact, told Dyama Harish by adding that by now as many as 244 complaints have been disposed of by mutual understanding , this year.
He also exhorted all the Saanjh Committee members to contribute towards the campaign against drug menace so that society should be made drug free by providing treatment as well as rehabilitation facilities to bring the victims of drug abuse into social main stream.

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