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Ancient Holy scriptures have answer to pandemic—says temple man Dr P.C. Sharma

Y.S.RANA | May 10, 2020 05:34 PM

CHANDIGARH: In a pandemic like COVID-19 information and solution are of paramount significance. In this time of crisis, we are dependent on various informations coming from all sphere of life. But now it has become a debatable issue, is there any solution of pandemic in ancient Holy Scriptures of different faiths. Since creation of the world, catastrophes have always touched our normal life. On one hand scientists are working to explain the causes and origins of the CORONA and its treatment but cloud of uncertainty still looms large.

In such a scenario some religious leaders and proponents ponder into the fray and suggested that the virus is a message from God. What may be the result but it turned into religion versus science. It may attribute to political maneuver or divine intervention, it proposes that science does not explain disasters sufficiently for many people, believes Dr Sharma.

Throughout in ancient Holy Scriptures, people have believed that disasters carry other worldly messages. Often these messages propose that people have some responsibility for their present suffering. Such a belief may encourage one to understand the causes of catastrophes so that they can be avoided in the future. There are number of instances in our holy scriptures, when mass prayer or ‘yajna’ and ‘yogic sidhis’ were organised to ward off the evil will and spirit which brought about unimaginative miracles, asserted Dr. P.C Sharma, who is a hereditary descendant of universally acclaimed ancient Sidh Peeth of Baba Balak Nath in Himachal Pradesh. Having genealogical linkage with the ancient cave Shrine of Sidh Baba Balak Nath, Dr. Sharma has been voluntarily working for the socio-cultural upliftment of the masses and heritage preservation since over many decades.

It also suggests that disasters such as a pandemic can teach people something about how life should be lived says renowned spiritualist Dr. Sharma. The Bible contains many stories of God-sent illnesses which typically communicate punishment for wrongdoings. Dr. Sharma further mentioned that Vedas, Shastras and our holy scriptures made it evident that our great ancestors and sages performed Maha Yajna for the welfare of mankind during the time of any natural calamity and such pandemic

Understanding these messages required interpretation and they asked for specific ritual treatment. There are also techniques used to consult God about the future for seeking spiritual solace. Such methods allowed people to prepare themselves for possible calamities held for them in the future.  He further stated that the human need to find explanations for the unknown may help us to understand the many non-scientific explanations that people continue to give for the pandemic.

In Hindu scriptures, it is said that when medicine did not work community prayer do the miracle. In many cultures, different Gods are responsible for different areas of life. In the stories of the Hindu religion there are different Gods and one God is supposed to be accountable for one sphere of life.  Hence, this God has a role both in bringing illness and also in curing from it.

Various religious experts including prophets and priests provide responses to the illnesses. Prophets were considered instrumental in conveying godly messages to people. In a situation of crisis, they explained why God was unkind and not merciful. They claim to communicate with God through rituals and can unfold the reason of illness. If the cause of illness was God’s unhappiness, only God could provide recovery from it. Therefore, one had to appease the anger. It can be done through community prayer or yajna and havana etc being performed by priests stated Dr. Sharma.

It was often more important to address the cause of the deadly disease through a ritual than finding a medical cure to it. One may not have control over their fate, but right religious rituals offered some sense of security and safety in the midst of catastrophes.

During COVID-19 many religious people have turned to their religious responses. Others have engaged with actions that create connections and care. They do not directly address the pandemic, but nonetheless offer them emotional and spiritual relief.

People have always searched for meaning in their misfortunes in difficult times. It can be comforting to believe that things happen for a reason and something can be learned in chaotic situations as rightly said that we get only what we give added noted philanthropist Dr. Sharma

In an action-oriented world today, the guidance for dealing with the corona virus crisis is particularly difficult but the general public must do to help medical professionals and other health and hygiene workers, and police personnel on the front lines of pandemic management, not doing anything, at least not beyond the four walls of our homes.

So if you need a break from this shared nightmare, the postmodern tsunami of information without answers, consider a different input. Flex your philosophical muscles and wrestle with paradoxical truths.

Notably, There is, thus, indeed and an urgent need that the  nationalized  religious institutions and other allied organisations should voluntarily take  up the holy task of performing mass prayer and Maha Yajna as a super natural and cosmic remedy to the most invisible enemy of the human population appealed Dr. Sharma a well known social activist and also at home in ancient holy scriptures.

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