Unsung hero of Freedom Struggle leads a miserable life

August 13, 2017 11:18 AM

Punjab News Express/Pardeep Luthra
GURDASPUR: Free India’ was a dream of all Indian under the British rule. Everyone during that rule fought in same way or the other with a common aim ending the British Rule .After a century of revolutions, struggle, blood shedding, battles and sacrifices, India finally achieved independence on August 15, 1947.

But a hero of such   freedom  movement  leads a miserable life in industrial and historic town of Batala in the Gurdaspur district .Pt. Hari Krishan Sharma  (101) who played  an important role in the freedom struggle  against the British rule is forced to leave in small room of Congress Bhawan at Batala for the last 25 years and depends upon the petty old age  pension.

Pt Hari Krishan Sharma was born in Vallipur Bhura in Shekhupur district (Now in Pakistan) on December 28 ,1915 and jumped into the Indian freedom movement at the age of 16 years after passing his middle class from the Government School in 1931 as he joined the India National.

Firstly , Pt Hari Krishan Sharma took part in the picketing  movement against British rule  followed by boycott of liquor vend run by the British  rulers and he played an important role in these movements . He also took part in the boycott of British made articles and was lodged in jail several times during the struggle.

He was also caught by British ruler and lodged in the Attak and Multan jail (Pakistan) each year 1938 and then he took part in the Pooran Swraj ( Full Independence) launched by mahatma Gandhi in 1942 and went to jail in several times.

In the beginning of his thirties, Pt. Hari Krishan Sharma came into the contact of Partap Singh Kairo and Darbara Singh ( who became Chief Ministers of Punjab after the independence) and then he came into contact of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru  and he also withdrew the freedom struggle following British Ruler agreed to make interim government under the supervision of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1946.

Following, the Indo Pak partition , Pt. Hari Krishan Sharma took shelter in the refugee camp at Nanakana Sahib in Pakistan for two months during the communal  violence between two major communities. The he came to Amrtisar where from he went to Nankana Sahib with 100 trucks to bring the hindus in India.

Pt. Sharma was allotted 6 acres of land at Shakri village near by Batala , The he was also allotted 25 acres of land in Sagarpur village in Batala against the land which he had left in the Pakistan.

Pt. Sharma was man of his principles as he refused to get the freedom fighter pension Rs. 25 per month in 1954 because he do not want to furnish a fake affidavit of having income less than Rs. 5,000 and for this purpose then deputy minister Amar Singh came to him to fill his pension form personally.

Again in 1973, then chief minister Giani Zail Singh sent an additional deputy commissioner Gurdaspur to apply his freedom fighter pension but he again refused to furnish a fake affidavit for availing such pension.

Ironically , Pt. Sharma forced to sell his 25 acres of land on a throw away price during the black days of militancy in the state in 1986 and started living lived in a rental house for six year till 1992. Since then he had been taking shelter in the congress bhawan.

After that He has been living in a small room of the Congress bhawan and depends upon his old age pension of Rs, 250 per month because his known persons provide him morning brake fast and lunch and did not have dinner.

He do not hesitate to live in the congress bhawan but felt pride for his contribution in the India freedom movement.

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