Rana Gurjit has betrayed Sikh community by giving clean chit to Gandhi family

January 13, 2018 06:35 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today  said Irrigation and Power minister Rana Gurjit Singh had betrayed the Sikh community by giving a clean chit to the Gandhi family which had engineered the 1984 anti- Sikh genocide solely to retain his ministry which was slipping away from his hands due to grave allegations of corruption.  

In a statement here, former minister Maheshinder Singh Grewal said it was inconceivable that any Sikh could deny the Congress hand in the 1984 massacre which was well documented and established. "The entire Sikh community worldwide is convinced that the Gandhi family and its acolytes perpetrated the worst massacre of Sikhs in Delhi and forty other towns and cities in the country. Congress leaders led mobs which butchered Sikhs by burning them alive. Victim families have even recorded their testimonies and named leaders like Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. By denying all this Rana Gurjit is not only doing a grave dis-service to the Sikh community, but also insulting the memory of 8,000 Sikhs who were butchered by Congress goons".  

Terming Rana Gurjit Singh's statement absolving the Congress party of any involvement in the 1984 genocide, the Akali leader said one could understand why Rana had made this statement. "The Congress high command has indicated that it is going to remove Rana from the State cabinet after he was tainted with corruption slurs in a multi- crore sand mining scam. Rana has now done the unthinkable as a Sikh. He may be able to save his chair by indulging in this debased psychophantic act but he will never be forgiven by the Sikh community for this misdeed".  

Asking Rana Gurjit to apologise immediately to the community and rise above politics to echo the stand taken by the entire Sikh world, Mr Maheshinder Grewal said this was the only way Rana could wash away the "sin" committed by him. "If you do not do this it will be presumed you have become complicit in sheltering criminal elements from the Congress who masterminded the biggest ethnic cleansing attempt in modern history solely to please their political masters. "Just as leaders like HKL Bhagat, Dharam Dass Shastri, Arjun Das, Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler led mobs which indulged in mass killings of Sikhs, Rana Gurjit has initiated a dangerous campaign to cleanse the Gandhi family from the taint of the 1984 Sikh massacre. This trend is highly condemnable. I appeal to the Sikh civil society to nip this conspiracy in the bud immediately", Mr Grewal added.

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