Punjab Politics: Akali Dal advises Navjot Sidhu to talk less and work more

August 13, 2017 06:05 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today  asked Local Bodies minister Navjot Sidhu to talk less and deliver more, even as it asked him to tell Punjabis one major contribution he had made to the State except flagging off faulty fire tenders.

In a statement here, former minister and SAD spokesperson Dr Daljit Singh Cheema also advised Sidhu not to make "khyali pulao" everyday. "Today we have learnt of your latest dream that the State lost Rs 2,500 crore in outdoor advertising during the last five year SAD-BJP tenure. We are looking forward to see how you will earn this so called lost money for the State. It is best you earn Rs 75 crore through outdoor advertising in the next three months to prove your point as per the break up of Rs 600 crore promised annual earning announced by you. If you cannot do that you better apologise to Punjabis for trying to befool them with false statements and cheap theatrics".

Dr Cheema said Sidhu seemed to have been stricken by an Akali phobia. "This phobia has overtaken him to such an extent  that he has contracted foot and mouth disease. We have tried to cure him of this disease every time he makes false and slanderous statements by coming out with the real facts. But it seems his frustration at not being able to deliver anything is getting the better of him and he is not getting cured".

Dr Cheema said it was because of all this that Sidhu was hell bent on reversing every positive step taken by the erstwhile SAD-BJP government. "Sidhu has stopped the BRTS project which was undertaken to decongest Amritsar. The project has been scrapped by him despite the fact that 15 of the 93 buses purchased for the project had already started running. Earlier Sidhu scrapped the amphibious water bus project at Harika Pattan which was designed to put the wetland on the international tourist circuit".

Asking Sidhu not to let his hatred for the SAD come in the way of development of the State, Dr Cheema said Sidhu should realise that he had been given a mandate to serve the people, not to discriminate against them. "Governance is not a comedy circus where you will make a few guffaws and laugh off everything. Here you will have to deliver on your words. Five months have already passed. You have not made a single contribution to the State. Your one single act of flagging off fire riders also led to embarrassment for the government with the tenders breaking down after travelling a few meters after inauguration. It is best you first learn how to function in government and imbibe qualities necessary for a minister. Then only you will be able to do anything for public good", Dr Cheema added.

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