Punjab Congress ridicules so-called `Kejriwal effect’, calls it desperate AAP bid to grab public attention

March 19, 2017 04:56 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Ridiculing the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) claim of seeing the `Kejriwal effect’ in the decisions of the Cabinet’s maiden meeting, the Punjab Congress has asked the state’s main opposition party to stop indulging in such absurd and senseless behavior to remain in the public limelight after its ignominious defeat in the assembly polls.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, a spokesperson of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) asked where the so-called `Kejriwal effect’ had disappeared on the voting day, when the people of Punjab chose not to cast their ballot in his party’s favour.

It was obvious, said the spokesperson, that having failed to have any `effect’ on the electorate’s hearts and minds, AAP was now desperately looking for some face-saving by indulging in senseless gimmickry and making ludicrous statements. Rather than working as a constructive opposition, in a positive manner in the interest of the state, the party appeared to have adopted a policy of negation, he said, adding that the people of Punjab were sick and tired of such childish games and only wanted good governance, for which they had voted Congress to power with such a sweeping mandate.

Recalling the drama enacted by AAP leaders, led by their legislative party leader H.S. Phoolka, on the day of the swearing-in of the Captain Amarinder Singh government, the spokesperson said Kejriwal’s party was quite evidently least interested in promoting the welfare of the state. Their only interest seemed to be in remaining in the public glare in a frustrated effort to revive their party’s fortunes, which had taken a massive hit with its poor show in the recently assembly polls in Punjab and Goa, said the spokesperson, accusing AAP of complete lack of sincerity towards the people of Punjab.

The lack of political seriousness and sincerity in AAP is evident from the fact that their leaders are prepared to stoop to any level to grab attention, without realizing that they were making utter fools of themselves in the process, said the spokesperson. By trying to take credit for some of the Cabinet’s key decisions, including removal of red beacons from vehicles, AAP has not only shown political naivety of the highest order but has exposed itself as a superficial party with no sense of commitment to the public, which it had been trying hard and unsuccessfully to mislead ever since stepping on Punjab soil, he added.

Phoolka’s statement that the Cabinet decisions were prompted by the `moral pressure’ mounted by Kejriwal during electioneering, the spokesperson accused the AAP legislative party leader of not bothering even to check out the Congress manifesto before putting his foot in his mouth. All the decisions taken by the Cabinet were in line with the promises made in the Congress manifesto, which, in fact, AAP had tried desperately to ape in its own election agenda for the state, he pointed out, adding that the Congress manifesto, had been drafted several months ago.

By claiming the Cabinet decisions to be AAP victory, Phoolka has shown that he is not only bereft of political maturity but also lacking in basic intelligence and common sense, said the spokesperson, adding that if Kejriwal’s party did not mend its ways the people of Punjab, who had already rejected them in a big way in the polls, would ensure that it is completely wiped out from the political arena of the country.

The spokesperson dismissed as totally illogical Phoolka's argument that the fact that the red beacons had not been removed by the Congress in other states proved the move in Punjab to be the outcome of Kejriwal's pressure on this count. The Punjab Congress manifesto was focused on the state, with no relation whatsoever to what the party was or was not doing elsewhere, he added.

The PPCC urged the AAP leadership in Punjab to take on their new responsibility as the main opposition party in the state assembly with the seriousness and commitment it deserves instead of lowering the dignity of their role.

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