PSTCL’s 500 MVA power transformer damaged

June 21, 2017 02:49 PM

Punjab News Express/Vinod Gupta
CHANDIGARH : 500 MVA power transformer has been damaged last week at Punjab State Transmission Company Ltd. (PSTCL) 400 KV sub-station Rajpura .

The transformer was supplying mainly power to Derabassi and Banur areas. Though there was no disruption of power as alternative 220 KV transmission system has been used. The transformer was commissioned two months back only in the last week of March. Even in first week of commissioning the corona ring was damaged. The second 500 MVA transformer is under commissioning at Rajpura sub-station.

It may be mentioned that for dispersing the power generated by 1980 MW Talwandi Sabo thermal Station and 1400 MW Rajpura thermal station the PSTCL had given the contract to design and construct the 400 KV system of Punjab to power grid(PGCIL). PGCIL designed and constructed the 400 KV sub stations of PSPCL at Dhuri, Rajpura, Nakodar, Muktsar, Makhu.
It may be mentioned that two 500 MVA transformers at 400 KV Dhuri sib station were damaged in October 2015 due to excessive formation of dangerous gases. First transformer was repaired at the manufacturers works and it took about one year. According to PSTCL engineers and their consultant power grid of India there was some design defect in transformers. It is not understood why replacement of these transformers was not sought when the transformers were damaged in warranty period , said a retired PSPCL engineer. The commissioning of third transformer at Dhuri has been held up for the last one year because of some civil design problem .Chief Engineer transmission in his letter of June 26 2016 has asked SE/civil design to fix the responsibility for this major lapse in designing.
It is during paddy season that the thermal power injection at Rajpura and T Sabo is maximum, and so the 500 MVA transformers of 400/220 kv class get loaded mainly in paddy season.
The Rajpura transformer appears to have failed just at the start of paddy season which indicates that there was some serious manufacturing defect . While such transformers arranged by PGCIL for their own system rarely fail, the transformers arranged by PGCIL for Punjab are frequently failing. The manufacturer should be asked to explain the failure and attend it free of cost or else the manufacturer should be blacklisted for poor performance , said another PSPCL official.

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