PSEB Engineers Association concerned about under utilization of thermal plants

June 18, 2017 02:50 PM

Punjab News Express/Vinod Gupta
CHANDIGARH: PSEB Engineers Association expressed serious concerns about the under utilization of state owned thermal plants and demanded that the lopsided Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which were signed by PSPCL at the developer's Terms & Conditions with “deemed generation clause”, should be reviewed.

Ajay Pal Singh General Secretary of association said that this will help the PSPCL in getting rid of unnecessary burden of Rs. 2700 crore which is being paid to private generators as capacity charges whether they supply power or not. In order to compete with the private generators and to meet the next decade requirements, the viability of building three to four units of 800 to 1000 MW supercritical units at Ropar by phasing out the existing units is must. Ropar is at ideal location for a super critical plant which has adequate land and water supply.

Baldev Singh demanded that the Pachwara mine of PSPCL should be made operational without any delay which will lower the per unit cost of public sector plants and reduced the wear and tear plant machineries.

Sanjeev Sood President of association demanded that the issue of initial start of AEs scale should be resolved immediately. The newly recruited engineers should be paid on the principle equal work and equal pay to stop the brain drain from corporations. Engineers also demanded that the old pension scheme should be implemented in Power Corporations as adopted by some Punjab Govt. departments recently. The issue of excessive charge sheets should be resolved immediately.

Baldev Singh said that the earlier management failed to revise manpower and organizational structure as per the recommendations of cadre review committee and hope that new management will resolve the issue. The decision of Board of Directors for shutting down of transformer repair workshops is reviewed as the damage rate of transformers repaired in PSPCL workshops is less as compared to the damage rate of transformer repaired by private workshops.

The Association also suggested that the core activities should be carry out departmentally instead of out-sourcing which will improve quality of work and revenue of the corporations.

Engineers are of the view that after taking above measures, PSPCL will be able to provide electricity supply the consumers at competitive and cheaper rates as envisaged in the Electricity Act 2003.

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