Enhanced compensation by Justice Ranjit Singh Commission must not be construed as ‘blood money’: Bir Devinder Singh

August 08, 2018 06:05 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Bir Devinder Singh former deputy speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha today sadi that Justice Ranjit Singh Commission’s recommendation to enhance compensation, must not be construed as ‘blood money’ to  absolve the perpetrators of heinous crimes at Behbal Kalan police firing.

In a statement  Bir Devinder Singh has questioned the Congress government for not registering FIR under section 302 of IPC agaisnt the guilty policemen. "If section 302 IPC is not added to the FIR No. 130, Dated October 14, 2015 registered at Police Station BajaKhana, Distict  Faridkot than the enhanced amount of compensation  to the families of the victims of the police firing ay Behbal Kalan will be construed as ‘Blood Money’ paid by the State to buy peace", he stated.

He said thay he wondered why Mr. Nirmaljit Singh Kalsi Addl. Chief Secretary has recommended to the Director General of Police, Mr. Suresh Arora to register cases against 10 police officials, named in the report of Justice Ranjit Singh enquiry Commission, u/s 307 IPC i.e. attempt to murder only and why not under section 302 IPC, who have committed the murder of two persons, namely Krishan Avtar Singh and Gurjit Singh on October 14, 2015 at Behbal Kalan.

Under what parameter of justice the State Government is diluting the offence from murder to attempt to murder, committed by the police officials. It is appalling that the State is unashamedly trying to protect the police officials who acted as instruments of the State to unleash barbarities against the public. When two deaths have occurred as result of the police firing, than why section 302 IPC is not there in the recommendation of the Home department to the police.

Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh must clarify to the Public; whether his government has enhanced the compensation to one Crore as ‘blood money’ for not registering the case of murder against the police officials. It sounds atrocious that the department of Home headed by the Chief Minister, has mischievously diluted the offence of murder in utter disregard of the loss of two precious lives. Chief Minister must understand that Justice Ranjit Singh Commission has recommended the enhancement of compensation to mitigate the agony of the families,  who suffered police brutalities; the money which is yet to be paid by the State,  by no imagination absolve the culprits of the heinous crimes. Punjab is not an Islamic State; where seemingly  there is a provision to pay ‘blood money’ to the family of the deceased, to bury the repugnant crime if the family agree to forgive the perpetrator of the of the crime and accept the ‘blood money’ as such.

In Behbal Kala killing, this is not the case, crime and criminality has to be dealt with, as per the provisions of the law, compensation paid or yet to be paid is no substitute to replace section 302 IPC, which is abundantly applicable in the case of Behbal Kalan police firing. If the State Government ventured to try any such nonsensical clever course to save the culprits from the punishment, such an attempt would be repudiated with severe backlash.

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