Black Diwali for Punjab govt employees, salaries freezed in accounts

November 05, 2018 06:34 PM

Punjab News Expresess
CHANDIGARH: The thouand of emplyee of Punjab Government will be forced to celebrate black diwali following a software glitch at the end of Reserve Bank of India and Treasury Department of state. The RBI has freezed the salaries of employees after funds were transferred to accounts of employees.

The employees got their salaries in accounts on November 3. However due to some software fualt many employees received double salaries and many got single salary. Unable to resolve the issue, the RBI reportedly put the salaries of all employees on hold on November 4. Most of the employees who went to     ATMs on Sunday found insufficinet funds in their accounts. The accounts of all employees irrespective of single or double entry were freezed at the end of RBI.

It is learnt that Punjab government has insufficient funds in treasury to meet the bill after double entry of the salaries. But putting on hold salary of all employees came as rude shock to emplyees who wanted to make shopping for Diwali. Large number of employees thronged the banks and surprsingly bank officials informed that they are also unaware of it. The hold is applied on all salary accounts in the system and they are unable to release the funds.

The sources said that the salaries are expected to be released after November 10 o date may be extended to 12 if softwqre glitch is not removed by then.

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