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Vatican Library carries 15 books on Yoga

 Vatican Library carries 15 printed books on the topic of yoga, including an 1897 edition.

Hindus welcome Dublin Archdiocese for hosting yoga in Kilcullen Parish Centre

Punjab News Express
NEVADA(USA) : Hindus have commended Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin (Ireland) and its Kilcullen Parish for hosting yoga classes in Kilcullen Parish Centre.

Sacred journeys at Indianapolis children's museum

By Kanwal Prakash Singh
INDIANAPOLIS: What one sees at the “National Geographic Sacred Journeys” Exhibit that opened on August 29 at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is only one part; what the treasured iconic images and artifacts inspire in our heart and the “pilgrimage” into our deeper self may transform our perceptions and relationships with others may be the real major blessing and sure to initiate interfaith events and journeys of discovery closer to home. That will define the ultimate gift and triumph of the “Sacred Journeys” Exhibit, annual Indy Festival of Faiths, other faith-based efforts, and lead us to learn about and respect this diversity as an important dimension and spectrum of our humanity.

Hindus urge Pope to discipline former Nebraska Bishop for terming yoga “serious sin”

NEBRASKA : Hindus are asking Vatican to take action against recently retired Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln (Nebraska, USA), for calling yoga a “serious sin”.

Hindus urge Filipinos to continue benefitting from yoga

NEVADA (USA) : Hindus have urged Filipinos to continue reaping the benefits of yoga, despite some unkind statements in the media.