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Canada’s largest Toronto School Board declares November “Hindu Heritage Month”

Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in Canada has resolved that month of November each year be declared as Hindu Heritage Month.

Hindus push for Diwali holiday in Texas’ Frisco School District

Hindus are urging Frisco Independent School District (FISD), 30 miles north of Dallas with 23.84% students Asian, to proclaim official holiday on Diwali, most popular of Hindu festivals.

Lauding Edison for Diwali holiday, Hindus want all New Jersey schools close on Diwali

Welcoming Edison Township Public Schools (ETPS) in New Jersey declaring Diwali holiday for students, Hindus are urging all public school districts and private-charter-independent schools in New Jersey to close on their most popular festival Diwali.

Hindus to push for Diwali holiday as Maryland’s Montgomery Schools launches calendar survey

 Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS); headquartered in Rockville, Maryland; is launching a survey to develop 2019-2020 school year academic calendar, and Diwali is included in possible holidays listed.

Punjab government released list of holidays 2015

CHANDIGARH : The Punjab government today released a list of 33 holidays for 2015. The government will also observe 19 restricted holidays from which each employee can choose two days to observe as holidays.

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