Newly constituted SIT won't be able to deliver justice as its members are part of Indian system that has failed the Sikhs

January 12, 2018 05:01 PM

Punjab News Express
HOSHIARPUR:  Dal Khalsa is not hopeful that justice will be delivered by the newly formed SIT as members of the SIT are also part of Indian system that has failed the Sikhs in the last 34 years.

Party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said there was a remote possibility that victims of Nov 1984 massacre would see the light of justice.

We know the Supreme Court’s has ordered to reinvestigate 186 cases of the 1984 anti-Sikh killings. Going by our bitter experiences, there’s no ray of hope from India’s biased and unfair justice system.

He said every time when a commission or SIT is constituted, political parties backed by the media rekindles a hope in the minds of victims’ families, only to be dashed with the passage of time.  “A string of inquiry commissions and committees set up by the government of India so far has been unable to uncover the truth”, said he.

Sikhs have been waiting from the last 33 years to see the accused facing the exemplary punishment as per law, but to no avail” he said. He slammed the leading Indian newspaper and magazines for using the term riots”. He said it was attempted genocide and not riots. If a mass killing of more than 3000 people is not genocidal, then what is?

“It would be naive to expect any justice from the country whose executive and judiciary has refused to acknowledge it as a massacre or carnage and have just reduced it in writing and oral parlance as a “riot” between the Sikhs and others, said he.

“Nobody has any doubt and it was well documented that the Indian state and all its organs played a planned tactical role in engineering Sikh killings”, he pointed out.

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