Critical coal stocks in Haryana may affect generation

July 12, 2018 03:03 PM

Punjab News Express/Vinod Gupta
CHANDIGARH: There has been a dip in coal stocks to critical level at the thermal power plants of Haryana on short supply and this may affect the thermal generation in the state.
According to sources the coal stock at Panipat thermal is critically low where 10000 MT of available is just sufficient for one day. The coal stock of 37000 MT and 60000 MT at Yamuna Nagar and Khedar are sufficient for 4 and 6 days respectively. The coal stock at CLP Jhajjar is also sufficient for just one day. One unit of CLP Jhajjar is on shut down due to coal shortage.
The daily requirement of coal at Panipat, Yamuna Nagar and Khedar thermal plants is 7900 MT, 8300 MT and 10300 MT respectively
.According to officials the Haryana has received only 9 rakes in the month of July which is half of the scheduled coal supply. Panipat thermal has received 2 rakes, Yamuna Nagar thermal 1 rake and Khedar thermal 3 rakes. As per CEA norms all the thermal plants are suppose to have coal stock of 25 days before the onset of monsoon as the coal supply gets disrupted during rainy season.

The power demand in Haryana was 10163 MW yesterday and power supplied was 2215 lakh units. Thermal plant in the state supplied 437 lakh units .Today all the thermal units in state sector except one in Khedar thermal are generating power . Khedar thermal unit 1 is under shut down due to boiler water circulation from June 26. One unit of CLP Jhajhar is also not operating. The power availability from thermal units is about 2600 MW and power drawl from grid is around 6674 MW.

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