AP Janmabhoomi project, a social initiative of Andhra Pradesh Government surges ahead

June 19, 2017 04:39 PM

Punjab News Express
HYDERABAD: Lord Rama has said, "Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven", in the great Hindu Epic Ramayana. For most millennials, this is just a holy verse. But the Government of Andhra Pradesh has found a way to not just imbue them with a contemporary meaning, but also implement it in its drive for progress and development.
The AP Janmabhoomi project is a social initiative by the Government of Andhra Pradesh along with The Special Representative for North America, which true to its name, aims to give back to its native land. The initiative mainly comprises of 3 main scheme- Digital Classrooms, Anganwadi Centers and Crematoriums. The digitization of classrooms primarily aims to propel the quality of education in the state, through technologically advanced endeavors like smart class, visual and auditory explanation of concepts. The digitization will help in creating a more interactive and intellectually stimulating environment for the students, and also help in quicker grasping and better understanding of concepts.
Not to mention, availability of internet can work wonders and increase the accessibility to studying material by manifold. Most importantly, this scheme will lead to technology-integrated learning which is more authentic and breaks away from a passive non-interactive learning environment. Talking in terms of health vulnerability and susceptibility to diseases, children and pregnant women occupy a very high position on the list. Along with education, the scheme focuses on proper nutrition and healthcare through the Anganwadi centers that aim at providing public support to the children up to 6 years of age, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women.
The state of the rising sun is a big believer in respecting the dead as much as the living. The construction of Crematoriums, referred as Mahaprasthanam, is another step in that direction and attention is given to necessities like providing a proper raised platform and a place for final rites. The NRI’S themselves seemed very enthusiastic at getting an opportunity to help better the living condition in their homelands, resulting in their donation for the schemes at a gross 30%.

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