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South America: An Addiction for Life!

September 04, 2017 03:52 PM

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI :Studded with Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforests, historic ruins and beautiful white beaches, South America is a traveller’s delight, and a love story that will start right from the time you first set eyes on it. While a vast, exciting and well-endowed continent, there are a few destinations that are perfect for first-time travellers to the continent.

Starting with Peru, a country full of colour, warmth and adventure, this is a rare chance to explore the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and get a glimpse of 5000-year-old history; take part in the mad and colourful festivals and cultural experiences and experiment with the unique cuisine, from the slow-simmered stews, to the fiery chilli and corn and the velvety Amazonian chocolate.

Moving on to Argentina, the breathtaking natural wonders and the steamy Tango should be at the top of your list, followed by an amazing wine tasting experience around Mendonza, the Buenos Aires food scene and hikes and treks across some really diverse landscapes, from high peaks, rich wetlands, arid deserts, massive ice fields and arid steppes, cool lichen-clad forests, Andean salt flats, a spectacular Lake District, and so much more. While it will probably take a lifetime to truly experience this wealth of sights and culture, you can definitely make a start right away.

If, so far, the level of adventure doesn’t quite meet up to your tastes, that’s because you haven’t yet ventured into the Amazon rainforests. From canoeing through the forest, dozing in a hammock on a boat chugging upriver, waking to the otherworldly cry of howler monkeys to going on a survival tour and an overnight boat trip; there are numerous ways of experiencing this legendary forest, each one more exciting than the last.

Last, but not the least, end your cultural and adventurous fiesta at South America’s party place, Rio De Janeiro. Golden beaches, captivating music, a samba-fueled nightlife and spectacular football matches, your dream vacation has just become so much more exciting. Lounge the day away at Copacabana Beach or indulge your inner adventure junkie by hiking across the Tijuca rainforest, cycling alongside the lake and beaches, sailing across Baía de Guanabara, and surfing, rock climbing and hang gliding amid one of the world's most stunning urban landscapes. Every day you spend here will be the best day of your life.

South America is still largely undiscovered by Indian travellers, in spite of being one of the world’s most diverse, exciting, happening and unique continent,” says Viren Batra, co-founder of Nirvana Excursions. “It has something for everybody, and is a place that truly touches your soul whether you are a virgin traveller or a seasoned one.”


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